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  • Persipura Targeting Champions League and AFC
    12 December 2013 | Persipura News

    Persipura Jayapura‘s management is convinced of its ability to win next season’s Indonesia Champions League and the AFC Cup. To reinforce the team they will bring in new players.

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  • Sentani-Jayapura Transformed Into A Sea of Red
    09 September 2013 | Persipura News

    Indonesia Super League (ISL) 2013 champion, Persipura Jayapura met with a roaring welcome from thousands of fans when the team set foot in Sentani Airport.

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  • Support The Black Pearl to be the Champion
    15 January 2013 | Persipura News

    High spirits , pride and optimism were the words to illustrate the atmosphere during the signing of the MoU between Freeport Indonesia and the Persipura Soccer Club on Tuesday January 15th, 2013. Enthusiasm had already filled the air before the signing started

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  • Beto: 'This Goal is for Freeport'
    18 April 2012 | Persipura News

    Two goals were scored by Persipura striker Alberto “Beto” Goncalves and were dedicated to PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) and to Bio Paulin (his teammate, Persipura back player) after the signing of the sponsorship agreement between Freeport and Persipura (4/17). The team hosted Arema Indonesia at Mandala Stadium in Jayapura in the afternoon following the signing ceremony. With a new spirit and support of Persipura fans, Persipura Jayapura, "The Black Pearls," was victorious over Arema Indonesia with a score of 2 - 1.

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  • Committed to Supporting Government for a TB-Free Indonesia
    28 May 2018 | CSR News

    PT Freeport Indonesia is actively taking part in a partnership forum at the national level on TB (Tuberculosis), Forum STOP TB Partnership Indonesia (FSTPI).

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  • Development Programs Based on Local Wisdom Boosting Community’s Incomes
    30 March 2018 | CSR News

    PTFI’s SLD Department by way of its Community Economic Development officially launched a Karaka aquaculture program for the Kamoro tribe, at MP 15 on Tuesday (20/3). 

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  • PT Freeport Indonesia Sent Humanitarian Aid to Asmat
    17 January 2018 | CSR News

    On Wednesday, 17 January, 2018, PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) flew half ton of humanitarian aid to Agats, Asmat regency, Papua. 

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  • LIMAR Lights Up Three Villages
    11 December 2017 | CSR News

    From the time the Community Empowerment Program in the areas of Manasari and Otakwa was conceived in 2013, PTFI has put in place a village power supply program supplying electricity to 311 homes in the villages of Omawita,  Fanamo and  Otakwa.

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  • Green Mission, A Mission to Conserve Biodiversity
    13 November 2017 | CSR News

    The activity adopted the theme “Green Mission by Save Biodiversity” to campaign among the public for heartfelt and sincere conservation of biodiversity.

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  • Endangered Wildlife Return Home
    13 October 2017 | CSR News

    PTFI by way of its Environment Department is already engaged in partnership with BKSDA and Lorentz National Park in Mimika Regency under its environmental conservation programs.

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  • Freeport Dispatches 38 NMI Student Apprentices to Sukabumi
    15 September 2017 | CSR News

    A training program carrying the title of Papuan Sustainable Human Capital Development (PSHCD) has been initiated in embodiment of PTFI commitment to develop and build human resources among native Papuans. 

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  • Two Young Papuans Graduate From Pilot School
    07 August 2017 | CSR News

    Two Papuan youths,  Herman Zonggonau from the Moni tribe and Amianus Wamang the Damal tribe graduated from Genesa Flight Academy in Jakarta on 21 July. 

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  • Freeport Extends Scholarships to Papua High Achievers
    27 July 2017 | CSR News

    In association with the American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (Aminef), PT Freeport Indonesia is putting available scholarships for Papua’s high achievers  to study at Community Colleges in the United States.

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  • Freeport and Mimika Administration to Build Floating Clinic
    20 July 2017 | CSR News

    Freeport Indonesia has taken on board the local Mimika administration in its effort to build a floating health clinic.

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  • Boarding School Encourages Better Education for Children in Papua
    05 May 2017 | CSR News

    The Amungme and Komoro People’s Development Institute (LPMAK) , a partnership institution backed by Freeport Indonesia, has five boarding schools for Papuan children, boys and girls. Up until the end of 2016,  the total number of students living in those five boarding schools reached 756.

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  • Papua Kartinis Inspire Communities
    26 April 2017 | CSR News

    Hermina Kosay and Wilma Sawaki are the modern incarnations of Kartini. From the deep inland region of Papua, they are both trying to in spire the community around them.

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  • Bantu Korban Gempa Bumi di Aceh, PT Freeport Indonesia Menyumbangkan Bantuan Bahan Konstruksi Untuk Rehabilitasi Bangunan Sekolah
    09 December 2016 | CSR News

    Sebagai ungkapan rasa solidaritas, PT Freeport Indonesia menyumbangkan bantuan kemanusiaan bagi masyarakat yang menjadi korban gempa bumi di Kabupaten Pidie Jaya, Provinsi Aceh. 

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  • Serving Communities from Village to Village
    22 November 2016 | CSR News

    In observance of World Sight Day, the Amungme and Kamoro Community Development Organization (LPMAK) in its capacity as administrator of the partnership fund from PT Freeport Indonesia completed a series of activities to provide eye care services for residents in the coastal areas of Mimika Regency, Papua, in the form of free cataract surgery and distribution of free prescription eyeglasses.

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  • Creating Independent Local Entrepreneurs
    15 November 2016 | CSR News

    PT Freeport Indonesia via its SLD Department has initiated a partnership program with a third party: the banks The pattern of partnership is to enable UMKM entrepreneurs to get loans to improve productivity and self-reliance.

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  • Promoting Company Social Programs
    31 October 2016 | CSR News

    During the philanthropy festival, PT Freeport Indonesia promoted various ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in areas such as education, health, economy and cultural development that have been the company’s focus out of the numerous CSR areas the Company has engaged in.

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  • PTFI-Assisted SMEs Set the Standard for Community Empowerment Program
    15 August 2016 | CSR News

    A Papua Province team and delegates from each regency and city visited the YJM farm in Kampung Utikini Baru (SP 12), on Thursday (4/8).

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  • Together with SPF, PTFI Embraces the Youth on Environmental Preservation
    08 August 2016 | CSR News

    This educational activity was presented under the greater “2016 Program for Education on Conservation of Species Specific to Papua in Sawendui”, which is a collaboration between SPF and PT Freeport Indonesia.

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  • No More Worries Traveling Home
    04 July 2016 | CSR News

    PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) officially launched a flight service to inland destinations, for Papuan employees from the 7 Tribes (Amungme, Kamoro, Damal, Dani, Nduga, Mee and Moni) and their dependents.

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  • Preserving Traditional Heritage for a Noble Civilization
    27 June 2016 | CSR News

    This year, PT Freeport Indonesia once again supported the Lake Sentani Festival. 

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  • Alam Lestari Responding to Environmental Issues
    06 June 2016 | CSR News

    One of the annual program run by the Department of Environment Alam Lestari PT Freeport Indonesia is a program that has been implemented since 2006. In implementing this program took PTFI Environmental Department and in cooperation with the Department of Education & Culture Mimika Mimika Environment Agency, and several private Vendor in Timika.

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  • Nurturing Environmental Awareness from Childhood
    25 April 2016 | CSR News

    In commemoration of Earth Day 2016, Dept. Environmental & Awareness PT Freeport Indonesia collaboration with the Department of Education, the Mimika Environment Local Agency and Timika Local Media make an assessment of the application of the 3Rs (Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle) within schools in Mimika Regency in April 2016.

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  • The Beautiful Color and Sound of Kamoro
    19 April 2016 | CSR News

    Few weeks ago, seven Kamoro artists were performing the indigenous Mimika coastal tribe to the art communities in Gianyar, Bali.

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  • Again, NMI Delivered Excellent Papuan Human Resources
    11 April 2016 | CSR News

    The Business Administration Diploma 3 program of Nemangkawi Mining Institute (NMI) in cooperation with State Polytechnic in Semarang graduate its 19 students this year. 

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  • A Mining Company With An Advanced Environmental Management System
    28 March 2016 | CSR News

    As a world-class mining operator, Freeport McMoRan promotes good mining practices, and certainly this applies to one of its biggest affiliates, PT Freeport Indonesia.

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  • CSR Program, an Extended Hand of the Company
    07 March 2016 | CSR News

    Social Responsibility Company or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that organizations, particularly companies have various forms of responsibility towards all stakeholders, amongst them are customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment in all aspects of company operations that include economic, social, environmental and cultural.

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  • Working Towards Malaria Free Mimika
    15 February 2016 | CSR News

    By carrying a motto "Investing to Beat Malaria." Mimika District Health Office, LPMAK, and Community Health Development (CHD) cooperate hand in hand to eradicate Malaria in Mimika by establishing Malaria Centre to achieve the goal of Mimika Free Malaria 2026.

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  • Freeport Cares on Establishment of Community's Better Life
    18 January 2016 | CSR News

    The collaboration between PT FI and HFH Indonesia is part of holistic housing community based project 4 poor villages in Babakan Madang sub district.

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  • Freeport's Quick Respond Act on Nduga Catasthrope
    11 January 2016 | CSR News

    On Friday January 8, 2016, PT Freeport Indonesia handed over humanitarian aids on pertussis epidemic disease occurrence in Mbua District, Nduga Regency.

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  • Based Economic Development Development Project Manasari
    28 December 2015 | CSR News

    As part of community empowerment program in the Far East of Mimika District Region, PTFI in partnership with Local Mimika Region, respective institutions and other private parties, have done variety programs and activities, both in the format of program and infrastructure development. 

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  • Papua Students Enchoed Indonesia
    01 December 2015 | CSR News

    PT Freeport Indonesia continue supporting Indonesian team who set out to compete in the 5th Asian Mathematics and Science Olympiad for Primary Schools (ASMOPS) 5th held at University Tengku Abdul Rahman College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 21-25 November 2015. 

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  • Awakening of the Kamoro Arts in Jakarta
    30 November 2015 | CSR News

    On that Thursday (11/19) night, a Kamoro Arts Exhibition & Sale was held at the American Club situated in the Dharmawangsa area in South Jakarta.

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  • Unveiling the Mist, Opening Up Access to the Outside World
    30 November 2015 | CSR News

    This commendable project initiated by PTFI’s Community Affairs Department is construction of the Arwanop airstrip.

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  • Once Again Echoing Indonesia from Papua
    18 November 2015 | CSR News

    Following its hiatus, Persipura Jayapura is now ready to back on stage along with PTFI who provides fund support amounted 2.5 billion rupiahs for the club's operational. This support is aimed to succeed Persipura participation in the 2015 General Sudirman Cup tournament.

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  • Working Together for Their Dream
    18 November 2015 | CSR News

    In harmony with the village economic development programs, one of which was through the Oil Palm program, the future of this village will become the economic center of the village in the East Mimika District.

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  • Develop the Economy of the Village
    02 November 2015 | CSR News

    based rural in some areas re-mobilized to strengthen the foundations of the country's economy, to accelerate poverty reduction and the reduction of the development gap between regions, as well as solutions for social change in the village.

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  • Sago Factory As A New Life Source For The Kamoro Tribe
    02 November 2015 | CSR News

    After a long wait, the Sago factory for the people located in Keakwa Village, Central Mimika District, finally officially started operation. 

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  • PT Freeport Indonesia Memberikan Dukungan Logistik Kepada Tim Penanggulangan Kabut Asap di Papua
    23 October 2015 | CSR News

    PT Freeport Indonesia mendukung upaya penanggulangan kabut asap di Papua yang dilakukan oleh Pemerintah Daerah Mimika bersama TNI. 

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  • Flying Home in Pride
    19 October 2015 | CSR News

    This was uttered by Alion Belau, the first pilot from the Moni people, one of the seven kindred tribes in Mimika, during a thanksgiving event to celebrate his graduation from Genesah Flight Academy in Jakarta.

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  • Opening Windows At Twilight Time
    13 October 2015 | CSR News

    Cataract is an eye disorder in which clouding of the lens of the eye prevents light from reaching the cornea, causing the sufferer to have vision difficulties. 

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  • Gerbang Emas Foundation of the Rural Development
    12 October 2015 | CSR News

    A commuty event was held in early October to follow up the series of Gerbang Emas (acronym of Gerakan Kebangkitan Ekonomi Masyarakat Sejahtera/Economic Development Movement for Community Prosperity)

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  • LPMAK Floating Clinic Boat Arrived in Poumako
    05 October 2015 | CSR News

    This Boat owned by Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat Amungme & Kamoro (LPMAK) was provided to give health services in the coastal villages of Mimika. 

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  • Alam Lestari in Ozone Day
    28 September 2015 | CSR News

    Awareness and environmental concerns need to be done by all elements of society to preserve nature.

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  • ‘Gerbang Emas’ for Community Prosperity
    14 August 2015 | CSR News

    In the framework of commemorating the 70th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, PT Freeport Indonesia has announced the Coffee Tree Planting Movement for 70.000 trees on the Highland comprising the Districts of Aroanop, Tsinga, Opitawak and Hoeya. 

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  • PTFI's Real Action on Humanitarian Mission
    15 June 2015 | CSR News

    Vice President Jusuf Kalla who is also the general chairman of the Indonesia Red Cross (PMI) joined the fun walk held to mark the World Blodd Donor Day that falls on June 14 here on Sunday.

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  • NMI Apprentices Studying in Semarang
    01 June 2015 | CSR News

    The 12-day study-tour for the Nemangkawi students comprised lectures, as well as two days practical training in the field at a number of foremost companies in Indonesia located in Surabaya and an entrepreneurial trip on tourism to Batu, Malang, East Java.

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  • Realizing Cacao As A Prime Commodity
    25 May 2015 | CSR News

    Efforts are currently underway to bring about a new breakthrough in community economic development in Mimika, through cacao cultivation. Mimika Regency apparently has potential for cacao cultivation. 

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  • 6.350 Pig-Snouted Turtles (Carettochelys Insculpta) Return to Asmat
    13 February 2015 | CSR News

    In conjunction with Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA) and the local Animal Quarantine agency, PTFI by way of the environmental and nature conservation section of its Environmental Department again assisted and facilitated efforts to return this wildlife to their natural habitat in Papua. 

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  • LPMAK Won 12 Awards For High Achievement and Commitment
    30 January 2015 | CSR News

    PTFI has been playing a significant role in Indonesia’s local and national development not only through financial contributions to the Government of Indonesia in the form of royalties and taxes, but also through carrying out its social responsibilities to develop and empower the people living in the surrounding areas of its operation.

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  • Save Flora and Fauna for the Future
    12 November 2014 | CSR News

    Love Flora and Fauna National Day (HCPSN) which is celebrated on November 5 is a momentum to rescue the local animals and plants from extinction through a real effort in the form of policies and programs both at national and regional level. 

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  • Basics for Banti School
    03 November 2014 | CSR News

    As Banti School is now has been refurbished and inaugurated, the school activities are now resuming. Teachers are now back on site, occupy the houses and started to teach again. Students are exuberantly going back to school. The highland education mission is now rolling again.

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  • Restarting Remote Areas Education Mission
    10 October 2014 | CSR News

    Mimika Regent, Eltinus Omaleng, SE inaugurates Banti School Facilites at Waa Banti Village, Tembagapura district, during his visit to the highland on Friday, October 3. After the completion of renovation by PT Freeport Indonesia, this school facilities handed over to the local government through Education and Cultural Board.

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  • Mothers Always Care, Highland Wives’ Volunteer Drive
    26 September 2014 | CSR News

     A small group of people is concerned with, and addressing continuance of education for the children of local tribes in the Highland.

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  • The AMINEF Education and Cultural Exchange Program Presents A Window On The World
    04 August 2014 | CSR News

    AMINEF – Community College Initiative (CCI) 2014 participants.

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  • Amungme Gold Cooperative, from the People for the People
    15 July 2014 | CSR News

    The coffee farming program has been in place since 2000 and has received continuous accompaniment from SLD through its HAD program.

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  • A Helipad Broke the Isolation
    30 May 2014 | CSR News

    The linkage between the availability of adequate transportation access will greatly impact on the welfare of the community.

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  • Building Environmental Awareness from the Early Age
    30 May 2014 | CSR News

    Environmental education is a process to build human awareness to be conscious and care to the environment. Care and awareness toward environment need to be establish by each one of us in the community to preserve the nature.

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  • Village News: Coffee Cultivation in Hoeya
    23 May 2014 | CSR News

    Fertile land, rich soil - this appears to be a very appropriate phrase to describe the abundance of natural resources in Papua. Nature provides all that is needed by the people living on this land.

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  • Towards a Malaria-Free Mimika
    02 May 2014 | CSR News

    ‘Malaria-Free; Investment for the Future’ was the theme selected by the Mimika Regency Health Office, LPMAK (Amungme and Kamoro Community Development Association), Bank Papua and the Community Public Health Malaria Control (C-PHMC) collaborating to pave the way to eradicate malaria in the Mimika Regency.

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  • PTFI and Uncen Magister Held Taxonomic Training
    19 November 2013 | CSR News

    As a mark of its concern for biodiversity in Papua, PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) organized a Taxonomic Training with biologists from Uncen and Museum Fur Naturkunde.

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  • International Standard Sports Complex Constructed in Timika
    02 September 2013 | CSR News

    In the near future Mimika Regency will have an international standard facilities sports complex.

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  • Arabica Coffee Program at the Metember, Nasoalanop Village
    29 July 2013 | CSR News

    Since the beginning of June 2012, SLD-CR with Mimika regency Plantation Office distributes Arabica coffee seedlings to 36 farmers in the village Aroanop independent and self-sufficient farmers in 32 villages Opitawak.

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  • Papuan Students Study Abroad
    28 June 2013 | CSR News

    In this day and age opportunity to get education is very valuable. The development of today's world requires us to have a fairly decent education to be able to meet the needs of our daily life.

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  • Earnestness Brings Skill
    25 June 2013 | CSR News

    Starting with the desire to empower the local community in the area surrounding its operation, PT Freeport Indonesia established the Nemangkawi Mining Institute.

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  • PT Freeport Indonesia Engages in Partnership with Bandung Institute of Technology to Produce Achievements in Science by the Nation's Sons and Daughters
    24 June 2013 | CSR News

    PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (/MoU) with Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), formally cementing a cooperation forged long before.

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  • Then, Now, Persipura for Always 50th Anniversary of Persipura Jayapura
    03 May 2013 | CSR News

    Persipura Jayapura is now the idol of many football lovers in Indonesia. The Black Pearl team players never fail to show their skills in the green field. When they win or lose they still showed the skills to play the ball which becomes a pride for their fans.

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  • Changing Thousands of Lives in Papua
    05 April 2013 | CSR News

    One vision of a man who devoted 25 years working in Indonesia changed thousands of lives. Peter Mosel was an educator and tradesman who had a vision that the local Papuans could be trained to do the many needed work in PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI). Nemangkawi Mining Institute (NMI) was born from this vision, beginning with Heavy Equipment Operators and Heavy Equipment Mechanics programs. Nowadays, NMI has expanded their trainings to train both production and support positions.

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  • Cezia Greatia Pesurnay: If Cezia can do it, We can do it
    08 March 2013 | CSR News

    The dreams of Cezia Gretia Pasurnay, a girl from Ambon growing up in Timika, to introduce Papua by means of the Miss Indonesia 2013 Competition became reality. Cezia passed each phase for the competition, starting from the regency level right up to the national level. Wining the Miss Tourism Mimika title in 2008 drove her to continue to search for other avenues.

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  • Training in the Clouds
    15 February 2013 | CSR News

    A total of 20 players and several officials of the Indonesian U-19 National Team U-19 (Age-19 National Team) arrived in Timika, Papua, on Friday morning (2/8). The junior national squad led by Djohar Arifin Husin Chairman of the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) accompanied by Bob Hippy a Member of the Executive Coordinator who is also the coordinator of the national team were welcomed directly by the Vice President of Industrial Relations of PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) Jonathan John Rumainun in the VIP Lounge at the Mozes Kilangin airport.

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  • Care for the Environment, Reuse Waste
    08 February 2013 | CSR News

    One man's idea motivated a department to study and develop used cooking oil into fuel that is generally known as biodiesel. Biodiesel is a fuel consisting of a mixture of mono-alkyl esters from a long chain of fatty acids, or simply a fuel made from vegetable oils or animal fats. Since August 2010, the Environmental Department has started the Biodiesel project, by processing used cooking or frying oil as a raw material produced from the Jobsite Mess Halls, Cooperative, Coffee Shop and houses in the PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) area into biodiesel fuel.

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  • Dreams of 'Junior Innovators'
    28 January 2013 | CSR News

    With deft hands, Yohana Ykwa (14) and Albertina Beanal (14) nimbly sorted and assembled, one by one, the components and cables to build an "Imagine" robot. They wore a rapt expression on their faces, and from time to time they would mutter when the parts they were connecting failed to light up. This is how Yohana and Albertina spend their time in robotics class at Surya Research Education Center (SuRe), an educational center located in Serpong, Tangerang, Banten Province that is headed by Professor Yohanes Surya.

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  • PTFI Awarded as the Company with the Best 'HIV/AIDS Program at Work Place'
    11 December 2012 | CSR News

    PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) menerima penghargaan “Best of the Best” dalam Program Pengendalian dan Pencegahan (P2) HIV-AIDS Di Tempat Kerja’ dari Pemerintah Indonesia, sebagai perusahaan yang memiliki program P2 HIV-AIDS terbaik di Indonesia.

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  • Up Close and Personal with Rozik B Soetjipto Do Better, Becoming More Solid as One Big Freeport Family
    29 June 2012 | CSR News

    Amid his busy schedule, Rozik Soetjipto, President Director of PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) took time for an exclusive interview with the editor in his office. This humble figure shared stories of his childhood, adulthooda and, his expectations for the future of Freeport Indonesia under his leadership.

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  • Strengthen Indonesia through Culture
    26 June 2012 | CSR News

    Shades of Balinese culture is juxtaposed with shades of Kamoro culture, along with Soed’s “Tanah Airku” music echoing throughout the Balinese Bentara Cultural stage, creates a strong Indonesian atmosphere at the opening of the Papuan Culture Variety Week “Kamoro: Maramowe Cultural Heritage” (6/22). Strengthening a deeper understanding towards Papuan culture, especially since the main mission of this event is the Kamoro tribe through Indonesia’s perspective.

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  • Mutual Benefit: Understanding the 2011-2013 PTFI CLA/IRG
    04 May 2012 | CSR News

    To provide better understanding of the new Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) that was agreed by PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) management and the union earlier this year, starting on Tuesday (5/1) thousands of Highlands employees gathered at Tembagapura Sport Hall to attend the 2011-2013 CLA/Industrial Relations Guidelines (CLA/IRG) socialization program.


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  • 1.368 Kakuru Dancers Attain MURI Record
    02 May 2012 | CSR News

    An extraordinary achievement for Mimika Regency by way of the contemporary Kakuru dance presented by 1,368 students in Timika has attained another World Record Museum of Indonesia (MURI) distinction. The dance, which combined movements from the two main tribes of Mimika, the Amungme and Kamoro, was presented in commemoration of 2012 National Education Day in Timika (5/2).

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  • PTFI, UI, and UNCEN Unite to Develop Papua
    17 April 2012 | CSR News

    As part of the company’s contribution to the world of education and based on mutual commitment for the sustainable development of Papua, PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Indonesia (UI) Social and Political Sciences Faculty (FISIP) Papua Center. The MoU signing ceremony was held at the inauguration of the UI FISIP Papua Center on April 9 at UI's Depok campus.

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