Alam Lestari in Ozone Day

28 September 2015   |   CSR News

Environmental education is a process of building a people who are aware and concerned about the environment. Awareness and environmental concerns need to be done by all elements of society to preserve nature. One attempt to do this is to raise awareness from an early age, since the age of school. Awareness is done continuously will undoubtedly produce a young generation who care about the environment.

One of the annual program run by the Department of Environment Alam Lestari PT Freeport Indonesia is a program that has been implemented since 2006. In carrying out this program in cooperation with the Department of Environment PTFI Department of Basic Education and Culture Mimika, as well as the Environment Agency Mimika.

Build knowledge and concern for the environment; Realizing environmentally conscious behavior; Improving the ability of program participants in solving problems related to environmental issues; Provide field experience to program participants; Improve practical skills in the recycling process; Mimika produce environmental ambassador is the main goal of the program is Alam Lestari.

Green Resolutions for school

Began 10 years ago, this has given rise audition cadres and pioneer students who care about the environment. Entered into force 10 selection process has been launched since some time ago. Recruit students of SMP throughout Mimika.

With great enthusiasm, new participants who initially numbered 20 people from each school to audition for the written test. Auditions written test was conducted by area of ​​brackish schools. SP 3 and the surrounding area until the area of ​​Kuala Kencana can be auditioned in SMP Negeri 4 Mimika, for the area in Timika town itself SMP YPPK St. Bernardus be the place to do an audition. While SMP Negeri 5 Mimika honored as the host where schools around SP 1 up to Mapurujaya can follow the written test of the audition.

One year passed and Environment Day 2015 to the determination of the Prince and Princess Alam Lestari 2015. It also gives hope for new participants to enter the audition Alam Lestari to 10-year 2015/2016. As a continuation of the audition, participants pass the written test as many as 8 people, are entitled to take the test interview conducted in the same schools, which hosted the written test.

After going through the very long and the competition with other participants, then 50 names out as participants in sustainable natural forces to 10 represent 25 junior who participated in this year. Audition this year also was the first year in which the sustainable use of natural program theme of "Green Resolutions". This theme is part of the individual assessment of sustainable nature, which participants are required to have a green resolution at each school, which is expected to help the school to further raise awareness of school to school. (Hendrikus & Environmental Dept.)

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