Alam Lestari Responding to Environmental Issues

06 June 2016   |   CSR News

Environmental education is a process of building a people who are aware and concerned about the environment. Need for awareness and concern of all elements of society to safeguard the environment. One effort to do this is to raise awareness of school age. Awareness is conducted continuously this will undoubtedly result in the younger generation who are more concerned about their environment.

One of the annual program run by the Department of Environment Alam Lestari PT Freeport Indonesia is a program that has been implemented since 2006. In implementing this program took PTFI Environmental Department and in cooperation with the Department of Education & Culture Mimika Mimika Environment Agency, and several private Vendor in Timika.

Building knowledge and concern for the environment; realizing environmentally conscious behavior; enhance the ability of program participants in solving problems related to environmental issues; provide field experience to program participants; improve practical skills in the recycling process; generate environmental ambassador Mimika is the main objective of this program Sustainable Natural.

Selection of 2016 Alam Lestari Prince and Princess had started a few months ago. After going through a long process for nearly 10 months starting from the audition, briefing material in and out of the classroom, field trips, camp environment, environmental campaign, 15 election is great, and the selection of Alam Prince and Lestari Princes Force 10th 2016 finally reaches final, The peak activity held in the Multipurpose Kuala Kencana Wednesday (25/5). This activity is sponsored by PT Freeport Indonesia, PT United Tractors and PT Universal Tekno Reksajaya, in collaboration with the Institute of the Environment (BLH) and the Department of Basic Education and Culture (Dispendasbud) Mimika Regency.

Emillia Ubra representing the Department of Environment PTFI said that Alam Lestari attended by representatives from 25 Junior High School (SMP) se-Mimika, and have passed through the stages of rigorous exams in writing and orally that includes a personality test, an insight into the natural sciences, mental to be a leader, as well as the courage to speak in public.

In the selection results that have been executed, then netted 50 participants to advance to the next round of up to fifteen large, and eventually escaped into a champion or Prince and Princess Alam Lestari. But before heading to the round of fifteen large, 50 participants receive special guidance to get the material Indoor and Outdoor. Natural Selection Prince and Princess Lestari is an annual event held by PT Freeport Indonesia and PT. UT and PT UTR in cooperation with the Municipality of Mimika. Hopefully, the finalists were mainly selected as a winner may become the ambassador of the environment in the future and be able to answer environmental issues.

Dave Manuhutu representatives of SMP Saint Bernardus and Theresia E. Tuosa elected representatives of SMP Ebenhezer as Prince and Princes Alam Lestari force X, which is organized annually by the Department of Environment PT Freeport Indonesia. (Hendrikus)

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