Basics for Banti School

03 November 2014   |   CSR News

A Kind Mission to Empower the Children through Education

As Banti School is now has been refurbished and inaugurated, the school activities are now resuming. Teachers are now back on site, occupy the houses and started to teach again. Students are exuberantly going back to school. The highland education mission is now rolling again.

There is Shari Desaveur, one of expatriate wives who is keen on the basic education for local youth in the surrounding communities in jobsite. In line with the rise of education mission in Banti, Shari who has been several times distributing supports for Banti, thought that this could be a perfect time to resupply the school goods for Banti.

Shari is not alone, there are several other expat Ibus who are keen on the development of the local youth. One of them is Candace Ahlin who also has a great concern on the future of this young generation whom they are too deserve for a better education for the sake of their future.

Candace helped to create Facebook fan page named Basics for Banti School, to obtain greater outreach for donations and supports. She made the fan page in April 2014 and so far it has 500 people liked it. Besides to obtain greater donator outreach, the fan page also delivers updates to the donators and people about progress of the project and show people where the donations were going.

That day, Shari and several officers from Social Local Development (SLD) Department delivered school goods which came from various donators. 

She coordinates with several parties to gather supports for Banti students: she contacted her cousin in Arizona and asks her to help to support the mission, as well as coordinate with the Schools (MZIS and YPJ) in jobsite. It was I Smile, a company from Arizona that donating school supplies all the way from United States. Donations were notebooks, stationeries, coloring books, crayons and other stuffs that the students might use to support their study. Through her teachers acquaintances in YPJ and MZIS, Shari also gathered books for various grades.

The students were utterly excited when Shari and the team arrived at the school. They cheered and circled the goods: they seemed could not wait to open the boxes. As usual, they always excited seeing foreigner coming to their area.

This voluntary action has been conducted for a while. It was not the first visit to deliver the supplies for Banti school. These ladies have delivered 126 school uniforms for the students in March as a startup. Candace’s daughter who’s studying in university in the US also took part in the action by collecting boots and shoes for children and ships them to Tembagapura. This voluntary action also opened a bank account in the US to gather donations from donators in US. They allocate the money to buy some local goods in Timika.

They have a simple mission: to make going to school easier for children who’s their family may not be financially able to purchase a uniform. They also wanted to help the teacher to success the education mission for local children in the highland. As Candace mentioned in an email correspondence – Education is the key to empowering the children of Papua and around the world, it is for everyone. (Miko Sularso)

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