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15 November 2016   |   CSR News

YBUM Partnership Program with BRI

Considering the potential of Micro, Small and Medium Businesses (UMKM) under the patronage of the Bina Utama Mandiri Foundaton (YBUM), PT Freeport Indonesia via its SLD Department has initiated a partnership program with a third party: the banks The pattern of partnership is to enable UMKM entrepreneurs to get loans to improve productivity and self-reliance.

The signing of the partnership agreement took place on Monday (10/31) at the Oriental Restaurant in Kuala Kencana. Present at the event was Claus Wamafma, VP Community Development PTFI; Yohanes Bewahan, manager Community Economic Development PTFI; Presley Hutabarat, Manager Bank BRI Jayapura and Muhammad Yusuf, manager BRI  Timika Branch. After the signing ceremony credit loans were symbolically handed over to entrpreneurs of PTFI UMKM micro businesses by BRI to three YBUM supported businessmen.

Claus Wamafma on behalf of PTFI said “PTFI has committed itself to continuously contribute to the effort of developing and empowering the local Papua community, into entrepreneurs on the UMKM scale.  YBUM as executor of the revolving fund program for UMKMs needs to make a breakthrough by encouraging local Papuan entrpreneurs to become highy competitive and self reliant,” he said.

At the same event, Yohanes Bewahan Chairman of the Supervisory Board of YJM and YBUM, said that basically the issues the local entrepreurs are facing is  to get access to financial institutions in terms of information,  communications, guarantees and credibility. YBUM’s role is by the local Papuan community very often related with PTFI partnership funds as a result of which the YBUM funds are experiencing problems to repay loans and reliance by PPUMKM on YBUM and PTFI.

”As a background of the partnership between YBUM and BRI bank is the restriction to extend revolving funds facilities of larger volume. Besides this and in line with its domain, the banks or financial institutions  have the resources, technology, network and various credit facilities and other services to support business acivities. The partnership program with BRI is a strategic step to support and encourage local Papuan entrprenuers to be competitive,  solid and self-reliant, ” Yohanes said.

Muhammad Yusuf on behalf of Timika’s BRI branch said he welcomes the effors of YBUM to develop and empower local Papuan entrpreneurs. As a partner, BRI is  ready to assist in various banking programs. ”Our presence here is due to PTFI’s commitment to create prosperity and support for the local community . BRI in tandem with YBUM sees in this a chance to bring BRI network and YBUM’s guided entrpreneurs together. Via various banking programs we can collaborate to create future extraordinary customers. We can provide low-interest loans and terach them how to cooperate with the banking sector to become extraordinary customers,” Muhammad Yusuf said. (Hendrikus)

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