Freeport Cares on Establishment of Community's Better Life

18 January 2016   |   CSR News

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world with 248 million people in 2012, with its poverty rate amounted to 29.13 million, more than 118 million people live in urban areas, and approximately 20% of it (more than 20 million people) live in slum.

Pak Najat has one wife, and 4 children, worked as a handyman residing in Kampung Muara, Bojong Koneng, Babakan Madang Bogor, Sentul. He was chosen  by Habitat for Humanity Indonesia and PT Freeport Indonesia to receive a proper house for living. On November7, 2015 at 07.00 Saturday morning about 15 PTFI volunteers arrived in Sentul, Bogor, getting ready to help Pak Najat to rebuild his home, assisted by 3 builder. After a light exercise to stretch the body (knowing that PTFI volunteers is not an expert in the field of a builder), they start to build the house. Volunteers are equipped with gloves to prevent injury. They also prayed  prior to start the activity, hoping that the activities that day went well and smooth.

The weather was quite friendly despite the heat of the sun was stinging. The dripping sweat, dirty clothes covered in soil did not stop them from the activity, they even look excited and serious in doing their duties.

The aim of this program is to make a long term commitment to the Babakan Madang community in Bogor district. The collaboration between PT FI and HFH Indonesia is part of holistic housing community based project 4 poor villages in Babakan Madang sub district.

This time, HFH Indonesia and PTFI will focus in Bojongkoneng village, working with beneficiaries to increase their quality of life through strengthening several key development areas through providing better house and access to clean water and better hygiene environment. This also proof that the presence of PTFI felt by many parties.

In early December 2015, Pak Najat house was completed. PTFI volunteers once again came onsite to continue to help with painting the house Pak Najat and installation of toilet’s flooring. Although the light shower was pouring, the painting and floor installation can be completed at 01:00PM, still on schedule.

An interesting experience to cooperate and working together have resulted  in intimate relationships, better and faster results. What a valuable satisfaction knowing that Pak Najat and his family can sleep in a better and decent house and had access to clean water and sanitation facilities that can be enjoyed too by people Bojong Koneng, Sentul. We are Freeport Indonesia, Together for Indonesia. (fh)

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