Freeport's Quick Respond Act on Nduga Catasthrope

11 January 2016   |   CSR News

On Friday January 8, 2016, PT Freeport Indonesia handed over humanitarian aids on pertussis epidemic disease occurrence in Mbua District, Nduga Regency. The pertussis virus, which spread since last December has caused tens of children and babies casualties in the area.

Using a chartered Sriwijaya Air aircraft that was rented for the Christmas flight pick up service, the Nduga aid team left for Wamena to deliver the aid. The team was led by Betty Ibo, one of Papuan employee whose actively involved in Papuan community group within PTFI. Betty was accompanied by several PETA community members, and number of PTFI Community Relations Department staff.

This humanitarian aid was initiated by the PETA (short of Perempuan Tanah or Papuan Women) community – female Papuan employees community in Freeport Indonesia. Since the spread of the pertussis disease was exposed and went viral by the media in early December, this community was quickly responded to gather humanitarian aids for community in Nduga from the Freeport communities.

 The humanitarian aid was symbolically handed over to the Head of Papua Province Health Board, drg. Aloysius Giyai M. Kes at the old VIP room in Wamena Airport on Friday (8/1).

“As representative from the government of Papua Province, I would like to express my gratitude to PT Freeport Indonesia for its quick response to gathered humanitarian aids: food, clothing, and other supporting goods that can be utilized as the first handling of this health issue. Freeport is reliable and has a kindness care for the community,” said Head of Papua Province Health Board Aloysius Giyai.

“As the first step to overcome this issue, the humanitarian aids donated by PT Freeport deserve an appreciation. Furthermore, for the long term countermeasures, the regional government will put the quickest and best efforts to resolve this tragedy. This has been our responsibility as the regional government,” said Aloysius.

Betty Ibo, as the coordinator of PETA care for Nduga said during a separate interview occasion, “As fellow Papuan, we are so sadden and concerned knowing the occurrence that happened to the people of Nduga. Not to mention that the victims were babies and children. What we have given is nothing compare to what they are really need out there, but we sincerely hope that these aids will lighten their suffer, before the more comprehensive countermeasure is undergo to overcome this tragedy. We hope that this will arouse other parties or communities to give a slight care on the issue faced by communities in Mbua,” said Betty.

The humanitarian aids to the community in Mbua District formed in 4 ton of logistic: food, clothing, sanitary items, blanket, and other goods such as water hose, water container, and other daily supporting goods. This 4 ton logistic was eventually reached to the Mbua community on Tuesday (1/12).  (Miko Sularso)

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