‘Gerbang Emas’ for Community Prosperity

14 August 2015   |   CSR News

In the framework of commemorating the 70th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, PT Freeport Indonesia has announced the Coffee Tree Planting Movement for 70.000 trees on the Highland comprising the Districts of Aroanop, Tsinga, Opitawak and Hoeya. During the drive there also was the inauguration of the Aroanop Main Cooperative, which received capital from the Mimika Regency Office for Cooperatives and Creative Economy; the handing-over of the capital aid to the Village Business Body; handing-over of breeding livestock from the Mimika Regency Office for Livestock; and the handing over of agricultural production facilities from the Mimika Regency Office for Food Crops and Gardening.

The series of programs is named the Movement for the Resurrection of Prosperous Community Economy which has been described in one catchphrase, namely ‘Gerbang Emas’ (Golden Gate), which is a strategic plan of the Mimika Regency Regional Administration (Pemda) to develop the community economy in the villages by means of cooperatives and creative economy drives or movements; enhancing the village communities’ economy in the fields of livestock and agriculture; as well as planning the community economy resilience by means of planting coffee as a prime commodity for the ethnic Papuan communities, primarily living in the Mimika Regency in the Highland. The program will also be implemented in the Lowland with programs suitable to the condition of the region.

Currently, the Tembagapura District comprises 13 villages with a population numbering 9.275. As a pilot project, ‘Gerbang Emas’ will be implemented in the Aroanop Village and hopefully can be implemented in the other villages in the Highlands within the Tembagapura District, Mimika Regency in the years ahead. The drive is implemented by the Mimika Regency Regional Administration in this instance the Administration of the Tembagapura District, Office for Cooperatives and Creative Economy, Office for Livestock, Office for Agriculture and Food Crops, Bappeda, Village Administration Arm and supported by Community Development PT Freeport Indonesia.

The event took place on Tuesday (7/28) at Omponi Kampung Aroanop attended by about 750 people comprising residents from four villages namely Aroanop, Ainggogin, Baluni and Jagamim; elements from the Mimika Regency Administration, the Muspida/regional council and PT Freeport Indonesia.

That morning the usually quiet surroundings of Aroanop Village came alive with the visit of the numerous officials from the regional administration, representatives from PTFI Management and TNI-Polri staff. Symbolic presentations took place of the start of ‘Gerbang Emas’ program and hand-over of a TNI Army barrack; 100 breeding pigs and also the symbolic planting of the first coffee tree. Personages present during the event were among others Mimika regent, Eltinus Omaleng; Mimika Resort Police Chief Yustanto; Mimika Commander of the 20 IJK Infantry Brigade Col Hendro Satoto; Mimika Regency Commander Lieut Col Andi Kusworo; Battalion Commander Lieut Col Jerry H Simatupang; Timika Naval Base Commander Lieut Viktor G Siagian; Mimika Public Works Office Robert H Mayut; EVP Community Development Manager, Department SLD PTFI Yohanes Bewahan and Manager Government Relations PTFI Nico Parinussa.

Eltinus Omaleng in his remarks extended his full support towards the community development programs in the working by PTFI, especially in terms of the ‘Gerbang Emas’ program in Omponi. The regent also presented the aid from the Mimika Regency Regional Administration to three village chiefs. The occasion was also used to hand-over a TNI barrack built by PTFI for the Mimika 1710 Military District. (Hendrikus)

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