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19 December 2014   |   Others News

Christmas Flights and Christmas Boat, A Continuous Program

It is a commitment of PT Freeport Indonesia in December to provide Christmas Flights for employees and their dependants as a form of attention toward improving the quality of life of employees and their dependants.

This year, exactly on Tuesday (9/12) the 2014 Christmas Flight was officially opened. Christmas Flight2014 will take place until the middle of January 2015. The opening ceremony was held at the Perintis terminal of Mozes Kilangin Airport-Timika.

According to the report of the Chairman of the Committee for the 2014 Christmas Flights, Ferdinand Deda delivered at the opening ceremony, employees and their dependants who have signed up as much as 4,121 passengers, consisting of employees of PTFI, privatization and contractors who are eligible for the Christmas Flights. Christmas Flight by 2014 will go to Manokwari, Nabire, Sorong, Merauke, Wamena, Enarotali, Waghete, Ilaga, Zugapa/Bilogai and Fak-Kaimana, fak, Wasior, Sinak, Moanemani, Serui, Pogapa, Beoga, Tolikara/Karubaga, Hitadipa, Kwiyawage, Paro/Mapenduma, Tiom, Dumah, Hoya, Alama, Jila, Tsinga, Arwanop, and Ugimba.

The airline will serve the Program Christmas Flight is 2014, Trigana Air, Johnlin Air, MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) and Airfast. For the purposes of flights to Nabire, and Serui Wamena, Fak-fak, Kaimana, and several other districts and villages will be served using a Trigana Air plane. Johnlin Aircraft will serve several counties, districts and villages in the hinterland. MAF aircraft, will serve several counties, districts and villages in the mountainous region of Central, whereas the Airfast, Helicopters will serve employees and their dependants who are going on a vacation to ke, Duma, Hoya, Alama, Jila, Tsinga, Arwanop dan Ugimba.

For employees and their families who will be spending Christmas by the shore, PT Freeport Indonesia also provides services in the form of Christmas Boat. Christmas Boat will go to Kokonao, Amar, Uta Potowai, Buru, Ipaya, Keakwa, Atuka, Beach and Timika Agimuga.

At the opening of the Christmas flight, Napoleon Sawai represents PTFI Management explained that "this is not a new program, but the annual program that has been running since a few years ago. Once again this year we should thank the Lord and thank the company because the Christmas Flight Service programs has once again given to us. This is the company's commitment to providing services for employees of particular employees of Papua to celebrate Christmas at their hometown. " Napoleon also asked all employees who will be spending Christmas at home to continue to be safe to be able to return to work well at the end of the holiday.

"I am happy, this year my husband and I can go home, the village could celebrate Christmas with parents and family, my husband was already three times back home for Christmas, I am thankful to the company that has helped, I hope it can be done next year too." said Theresia, a family member of Christmas Flight passanger.

It is different with Marsel, this medium height, men waiting for his son who work in one of the privatization company in the PTFI, he claimed to feel greatly helped with the Christmas Flight Service. With his wife and another son they were waiting for the arrival of his eldest son who will be celebrating Christmas at home. "It is nice to have the Christmas Flights, as we in the villages could not board a plane to Timika for Christmas, but my son will be home, we are going to celebrate Christmas here (village of Pogapa_Red), so the company must continue this program so that we in these villages could get a benefit from our kids who work there. We are not employees but our children are, and it is nice to feel the fruit of thier labor too, said he. (Hendrikus)

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