LPMAK Won 12 Awards For High Achievement and Commitment

30 January 2015   |   CSR News

PTFI has been playing a significant role in Indonesia’s local and national development not only through financial contributions to the Government of Indonesia in the form of royalties and taxes, but also through carrying out its social responsibilities to develop and empower the people living in the surrounding areas of its operation.

As part of its social responsibilities Freeport is contributing one percent of its gross annual revenues to the communities in the regency of Mimika.  Here people’s economy has grown to the extent that thousands of self-help groups (KSM) now operating in diverse businesses.   In the sector of education thousands of Papuan children have and are being schooled and are enjoying scholarships starting from middle and high school to institutes of higher learning. In the health sector  the Amungme, Kamoro, Dani Damal, Nduga, Moni and Mee tribal communities, also known as the seven tribes living in the regency of Mimika, are enjoying free health care at numerous health facilities established and managed by the Institute for the Development of the Amungme and Kamoro tribes (LPMAK) and two institutes preceding it.

As the managing body of PTFI’s partnership funds, familiarly known as the One Percent Fund, LPMAK has been running various programs continuously. Its hard work, accomplishments and commitment have not gone unnoticed as the organization soon began to win various awards. During 2014 alone LPMAK had won 12 awards for its accomplishments and performance on a national and international level. Last Monday (1/26) each bureau of LPMAK was presented with their respective awards at the Multi Purpose Community Center in Timika.

LPMAK head of public relations, Yeremias Imbiri, announcing the award winning bureaus   said all of them had won their prize in the categories of health and education. The awards were presented by the Coordinating Minister of Human Resources Development and Culture, Puan Maharani, and Coordinating Minister fo rPeople’s Welfare, H.R. Agung Laksono.

The award for best performance in the category of community empowering (GKPM) was presented by Minister Agung Laksono on August 20th in Jakarta. A gold award was given to the achievers of Millenium Development Goals (MDGS)7 in the category of  clean water and environmental sanitation also known as the Tapare Pararoko Program. Two other MDGS  categories  namely the  9 years education Taruna Program for Children in Isolated regions  was also awarded a Gold Award

The platinum award went to the achievers of the MDGS 6 program for the Prevention of Malaria, HIV/AIDS, TBC and other contagious diseases, known by the name Integrated Malaria Control through the Malaria Control Center. Another platinum award was won by the achievers in the MDGS 5 category of health services for expectant mothers and child deliveries or the Mimika Sehat program. Platinum also went to the achievers in the MDGS 4 program for health services for under 5 aged children also known as the Mimika Sehat Program

The CSR awards were presented by the Coordinating Minister for Human Resources Development and Culture, Puan Maharani on November 25 in Jakarta. The platinum award was awarded for achievements made in programs related to human resources development.   Program Mimika Sehat II also won a platinum award and Tapare Pararoka the gold award. The silver award went to the Malaria Control Center for its integrated malaria control programs. In the individual winning category, or, Program Level Manager, the runner up prize was given to Emanuel Kemong in his function of Executive Secretary of LPMAK.

In the category of Sustainability Reporting on an international level, LPMAK was awarded the Commendation for 1st G4 Sustainability Report 2013, and Commendation for 1st Year Sustainability Report 2013. The awards were presented by the co-chairman of the Board of LPMAK, Yohanes Deikme, Executive Secretary LPMAK Emanuel Kemong, Vice Community Development PTFU Claus Wamafma and the Reverend Daniel Kaigere. (Hendrikus-Resources LPMAK)

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