Media Update Underground Mining Incident

05 June 2013   |   OPERATIONAL News

Jakarta - Following the Big Gossan underground incident, PT Freeport Indonesia’s internal inspection team beginning May 16th 2013 has been performing a thorough inspection - starting from visual check to utilizing equipment like the GPR (ground penetration radar), seismic and prism survey - in the complex’s permanent facilities, production area, services area and the active development tunnel within DMLZ and Grasberg Block Cave (GBC).

The main priority was to perform an inspection of the permanent facilities within our underground complex and all areas that have higher employee density like dining hall, religious places, workshop, warehouse, mining area and main entrance. This is to ensure that all underground facilities are in stable condition and have adequate ground support to allow comfortable working space for employees to perform their work safely.

The mine inspectors from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) have also completed their initial investigation of the Big Gossan underground training facility on May 23rd 2013 and provided recommendations, which the company is implementing and currently following up.

The results of our internal inspections confirm that overall underground mine facilities are safe. However, there are some facilities that are still closed for further inspection and repair in adherence to the K3 (Safety and Health) standards.

Since May 31st 2013, the independent investigation team formed by the government has also begun its investigation, which included a review of rock support in the underground area. We will continue to extend our support and assistance to this team to perform their investigation in PTFI’s mining area, and will ultimately follow up on their recommendations when presented.

The Company has continued to perform approved maintenance activities at the open pit and the underground mining areas in order to preserve the assets and to ensure safe operating conditions upon return to operations. We expect to resume production based on the recommendations from the Independent Investigation Team appointed by the Minister of Mines, which we hope to receive in the near future.

The Company is continuously evaluating and conducting further assessment on all aspects related to the safety and health of our working environment. “We reiterate the importance of work safety to ensure our employees stay focused and adhere to all K3 standards applied in PTFI’s area of operations to avoid accidents,” said Mine General Manager Nurhadi Sabirin.

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