NMI Apprentices Studying in Semarang

01 June 2015   |   CSR News

“Chase Knowledge, Even Abroad“, an old Malay saying that seems very appropriate to describe the determination of Nemangkawi Mining Institute (NMI) D-3 program apprentices attending courses at the State Polytechnic in Semarang.

During the middle of April 2015 around 2.15 PM local time a group of students from Timika arrived at Adi Sucipto airport in the city of gudeg (dish of young jackfruit in coconut milk), Yogyakarta. Full of enthusiasm and confidence, the curly-haired youngsters, a characteristic of all Papuan people, tended to their luggage to continue their journey to the city of Semarang in the Central Java Province.

The group of students had come all the way from Timika to gain more knowledge by attending several courses with subjects such as Electronic Filing, Graphics Design and Publishing, Exschool Photography and Video Shooting. The 12-day study-tour for the Nemangkawi students comprised lectures, as well as two days practical training in the field at a number of foremost companies in Indonesia located in Surabaya and an entrepreneurial trip on tourism to Batu, Malang, East Java.

The Nemangkawi Mining Institute activity was arranged in collaboration with the Semarang State Polytechnic and is a part of a learning process to strengthen the students’ knowledge in terms of applying Business Administration in the workplace.

While on Mainland Java the 21 students acquired various direct entrepreneurial training including how to make batik and the know-how on tourism.

Suzan Kambuaya, Superintendent NMI Traineeship & Support explained the study cum working field trip is organized to provide the apprentices with the opportunity to acquire special skills which are workplace-ready if and when the students have passed and graduated, and wish to start working or become professionals in the field they have chosen while studying at Nemangkawi. This is in line with the vision and mission of the Nemangkawi Mining Institute which focuses on developing the local Timika community and which is fully supported by PT Freeport Indonesia.

Similar to Suzan, one of the mentors faithfully accompanying the apprentice group to Semarang, Surabaya and Malang, Jones Taroreh explained the importance of these two higher education institutes’ collaboration, namely synergizing a number of skills to acquaint the students with the knowledge that there are various professions and jobs everywhere and not just in the mining sector. It is expected that eventually each student will decide for him or herself which profession and sector to enter.

An apprentice, Charlie Dephtios Mofu, currently enrolled in the D-3 Nemangkawi program stated he was very proud to have been selected to participate in the program. He mentioned that the program is very beneficial for the youth of Papua, especially those from the Seven Tribes in the Mimika Regency; also it is free of charge. I am very happy with the knowledge and discipline we receive and all the positive things in the program. I am confident that with the knowledge I have gained from this program I will be able to optimize my potential in the workplace. I am hoping to be recruited by PTFI and implement the knowledge I have acquired from this program, thus Charlie Dephtios Mofu related.

One of the Nemangkawi Mining Institute commitments is programs are implemented to provide the Papuan community with various skills and work experience enabling them to have the competence and competitive edge as future employees throughout Indonesia. (Hendrikus)

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