Sentani-Jayapura Transformed Into A Sea of Red

09 September 2013   |   Persipura News


JAYAPURA – Indonesia Super League (ISL) 2013 champion, Persipura Jayapura met with a roaring welcome from thousands of fans when the team set foot in Sentani Airport. Boaz Solossa et al, who arrived at 8 am local time were immediately  ushered aboard a flatbed truck and paraded on the road from Sentani Airport to Jayapura City.

The Persipura team flew in on a Sriwijaya Air flight, and as observed by Cenderawasih Pos who accompanied the team on their journey, they made  merry throughout the flight, and even played pranks on napping teammates.

Flight seats in the executive section and a few rows behind were all booked for the Persipura players,  and other passengers were placed at the rear of the cabin.   

Persipura president Benhur Tommy Mano voiced his delight at the camaraderie and sense of belonging among team members. The Persipura parade was also successful and proceeded smoothly.   

“I was surpised by the committee's welcoming preparations. I did not think the welcome would be so grand, but apparently the four stars earned this season merited it," he said. 

He said the Papua Police Chief, the Cenderawasih XVII Military Commander, airlines and the entire committee had truly demonstrated their support to ensure a successful event. The committee indeed  prepared well for the success of the event.

“To boot, residents are able to use two lanes, and that is exceptional in light of Persipura Jayapura's success this season," he said aboard the truck during the parade.   

Meanwhile, PTFI Executive Vice President (EVP) Sonny Kosasih said this season Persipura had indeed surpassed themselves. “What is significant is that (PT Freeport Indonesia) is a part of Papua, that is highly significant," he said.

He was hopeful the cooperation contract with Persipura will be continued in coming years. “We view  PT Freeport Indonesia's union with Persipura not in terms of the sales value, but in terms of promoting sports, and in particular soccer in Papua, which Papuans take great pride in, and not from the business aspect," he elucidated.   

“In coming years we will remain beside the Persipura team. I believe this is something good, and that all will come about as part of a process. We will do all we can to add value to the contract, it is all possible, depending on the circumstances. Our MoU is effective until 2015, and we will continue to extend it," he said. 

Since morning, thousands of the city's residents converged at the Jayapura Regency Air Transportation Office hangar to welcome the team from the city of Jayapura that has made Papuans proud, for winning the Indonesia Super League (ISL) championship 4 times, or in other words collected 4 stars for the people of Papua, a supreme achievement in the history of Indonesian soccer.    

When the black pearl team exited from the airport, they immediately climbed on the flatbed truck that was specially prepared to fetch the team. After all team members were aboard,  the truck left the Jayapura Regency Air Transportation Office grounds  and set out on the procession course from the airport to the city of Jayapura, escorted by thousands of fans.

In addition to residents following the convoy, thousand of Persipura fans also lined the road from Sentani to Jayapura City to greet the Black Pearl team. A traffic jam was inevitable,  but was not as severe as in previous years.

Regrettably, the tremendous welcome accorded to Persipura was not attended by head coach Jacksen F Tiago and his two assistants, physical trainer Osvaldo Lessa, and keeper trainer Fabio Tepedino, who were out of  Indonesia. The Brazilian training team were reportedly back in their home country and are due to return prior to the battle of stars to be held at Mandala Stadium on September 27.   

Jayapura City residents faithfully accompanied the parade to the finishing point at the Persipura home base, in Hotel Relat Indah Argapura.  

The Deputy Director of Traffic Adjunct Senior Commissioner G. Aris Purbaya SIK confirmed the parade had led to traffic congestion, but that was unavoidable, in particular at road sections with two-way intersections, such as at Skyline, and also on the SMU 4 Jayapura road section. Where one-way traffic was applicable, the Deputy Director of Traffic said, such as from the Abepura Roundabout to Vihara Skyline, and from PTV in front of the Mayor's Office to Tasangka, traffic was able to proceed at a pace of 15-20 km/hour.

“It is obvious that one-way traffic, if applied  in Jayapura City is highly effective. As such we were able to achieve a punctuality record despite the numbers of fans present exceeding even the crowds during the 2005 League  victory,” he asserted.

On a similar note, Persipura Victory Parade Committee Head  Fachrudin Pasolo, when reached by Cenderawsih Pos on his cell-phone on Sunday (8/9) said this year's welcome parade for Persipura proceeded more smoothly and quickly  compared with last year. “We arrived in Hotel Relat at 7.30 pm; meanwhile previously  we had not reached the hotel by 11 pm," he said.   

As it proceeded towards  Jayapura, Fachruddin said, the flatbed truck carrying the  Persipura team had to make frequent stops to gratify fans demanding autographs and souvenirs from team members. And also not infrequently, they had to stop at various places to bring down the ISL championship trophy and allow the crowds to hold and kiss it. 

“This was also at the suggestion of the team president, he said the people should be allowed to hold and kiss the trophy, in acknowledgment of their sense of belonging.  We lost count of how many times we stopped to give that chance to the people of Jayapura,” he divulged.

And when the Persipura team arrived in Kalam Kudus, they were greeted by an association of indigenous Chinese residents with dance performances, including a barongsai lion dance.

Fachrudin said this reception indicated the intensity of the people's pride and appreciation of Persipura. Fachrudin thanked Jayapura residents for their support of the Persipura team, and for refraining from drunken revelry during the parade. Fachrudin also acknowledged the security assistance provided by Police and TNI to ensure the parade proceeded smoothly. 

“As organizing committee head, I would like to convey my gratitude for the parade's smooth course, and for the tremendous support from the people. To the Police and TNI, the Police Chief and Military Commander,  and to all residents, thank you for your participation,” he enthused. (Source: Cenderawasih Pos)

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