Together with SPF, PTFI Embraces the Youth on Environmental Preservation

08 August 2016   |   CSR News

Saireri Paradise Foundation (SPF) delivered an educational course on conservation at prime state high school SMA Negeri Unggulan Dawai, in Yapen Timur, Yapen Regency Islands, Papua (25/07/2016). This social and environmental organization focusing on conservation of birds-of-paradise and turtles in Kepulauan Yapen Regency, Papua, holds such events on a regular basis for the younger generation. 

This educational activity was presented under the greater “2016 Program for Education on Conservation of Species Specific to Papua in Sawendui”, which is a collaboration between SPF and PT Freeport Indonesia.

“The primary threat to conservation of birds-of-paradise and turtles is illegal poaching and demand for turtle eggs and meat. This is why beginning in 2016 SPF entered into collaboration with PT Freeport Indonesia to intensify educational activities,” SPF Program person in charge Akmal Firdaus Patopang informed

Akmal divulged the activity was warmly welcomed by participants, the students of SMA Negeri Dawai. “This is the only high school in the eastern part of Yapen Island (comprising the districts of Teluk Ampimoi, Yapen Timur, Raimbawi, Miobo, and Yapen Utara),” Akmal elucidated.

The activity began with prayer recital led by Bapak Ferdinan Samber, the chief parishioner of GKI Bethlehem Wabompi, in Yapen Timur District. Material on conservation was delivered by Akmal Firdaus Patopang.

“Assistance was also provided by two members of the turtle conservation community, Bapak Septinus Samber and Peter Samber. Also present was bird-of-paradise conservationist Bapak Yakob Samber, from Saireri Paradise Foundation in Sawendui,” Akmal said.

The 3-hour event involved a high degree of interaction and accommodated the dynamics emerging during the presentation, raising hopes that participants’ views and perception towards birds-of-paradise and turtles would be favorably aligned. 

“The participants enthusiastically took in the material presented, as evident in the two-way discussion between the participants and the presenters. The presenters were bombarded with queries, and participants vied to raise their hands and submit questions,” Akmal recounted. 

After the discussion session, the SPF education team presented souvenirs provided by PT Freeport Indonesia to 3 students posing the best questions, student council members, and the panel of teachers. The event ended with a closing prayer, delivered again by Bapak Ferdinan Samber.

Reached after the event, Bapak Samuel Korano who had accompanied the students on behalf of the school expressed his thanks for the SPF education team’s visit. “We hope that such visits will expand the students’ knowledge of birds-of-paradise and turtles, and convey to them the threat to these creatures’ existence,” Samuel Korano said.

Source: SPF Gelar Pendidikan Konservasi Di SMA Negeri Unggulan Dawai

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