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12 December 2014   |   Others News

Best Performance “Social Media Achievement  Award 2014” Mining Category

Social media has become ubiquitous in almost all corners of the world. Growing internet penetration and widespread smartphone use are being put to full advantage by people for social interaction, at the same time increasing the dependence on social media.

Inevitably, in the last decade social media has greatly influenced human behavior, and particularly the generations born after the 1980s. Information technology has transformed the world.  Communication modes are shifting, from telephones to smartphones, from books to e-books, from brochures to websites, from newspapers to online news, and from face to face socialization to social networking.  Fundamental changes have been brought about by ease of access to information, with people no longer needing to seek out information because the information comes to them.  

How is Freeport Indonesia faring in this regard….? There are many reasons for global brand names to own and venture into social media communication channels: to boost sales through direct contact with consumers, to enhance image, to build confidence, or perhaps merely to keep abreast of the times and not be considered outdated. The global communication landscape is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. Indonesia has become among the most active social media product consumer countries in the world, and collaboration with mainstream media has produced a most powerful instrument in shaping and molding public opinion, and subsequently influencing the government as public policy makers

In April 2013, Freeport Indonesia launched its (freeport indonesia) Facebook Fanpage and Twitter (@IDfreeport), followed by Instagram. To be sure, numerous concerns were raised,   as at the time Freeport Indonesia was beset by negative issues and the Indonesian public’s level of confidence in the company was low. But with hard work, the right strategy, earnest matrix and execution, accurate measurement, and routine evaluation, such concerns were allayed. Around three to four months following launching of its social media, Freeport began to become more familiar and acceptable to Indonesian netizens, with fans and followers growing significantly in number. Freeport Indonesia struck the right chord by forging friendships with netizens, in disseminating facts to them and educating them on the nature of mining, and the current issues surrounding this industry. Many Freeport Indonesia stakeholders, primarily those with a particular interest in mining have been enlightened through information presented in the company’s social media channels. Another effect became apparent with a shift in netizen sentiment, from a negative view of the company to a more neutral stance, and Freeport Indonesia is working even harder to widen the shift in more years to come.

To return to the title subject, this November, Frontier Consulting Group and the magazine Majalah Marketing launched the“Social Media Achievement Award, 2014”. The award recognizes companies with a significant share of voice, and who have garnered favorable sentiment in social media.  Presentation of the Social media Award is grounded on research of chats in Indonesian social media. Data on chats was obtained using the Social Media Monitoring Platform Mediawaveengine. Monitoring covered social network sites (Facebook and Twitter), blogs, news sites, videos and forums. All mention of brands were analyzed on the basis of quality and quantity. Total sentiment within a specified period was measured using the formula: percentage of positive mentions of Freeport Indonesia in the mining category plus percentage of neutral mentions minus percentage of negative mentions. An index range with a maximum limit of 200% and a minimum of -100% was obtained, known as Earned Media Voice by Sentiment (EMSS Index).

After all brand indices were obtained, the winners for each category were those meeting the following two criteria:

1.       An index of more than 10%

2.       Occupying the top two positions for each category.

In this third year of the Social Media Achievement Award, 187 industry categories were researched, involving more than 1,000 brand names.  Freeport Indonesia’s social media fell under the mining category, and scored highest out of the five selected major companies that included  Newmont, Antam, Vale  and Chevron. (Deny Murtiyono)

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