Working Towards Malaria Free Mimika

15 February 2016   |   CSR News

By carrying a motto "Investing to Beat Malaria." Mimika District Health Office, LPMAK, and Community Health Development (CHD) cooperate hand in hand to eradicate Malaria in Mimika by establishing Malaria Centre to achieve the goal of Mimika Free Malaria 2026.

Representing the Head of Department of Health, Saiful Taqin explained that since the exercise of the malaria eradication program of cooperation between the Department of Health, CHD and LPMAK in 2013, the number of malaria patients in the town of Timika and the surrounding declined drastically and this is an achievement worthy of appreciation.

Saiful also said that to achieve the elimination of malaria in Mimika necessary plans or stages of the malaria eradication program in order to run a sustainable implementation of its activities, in synergy directed, coordinated and involve community participation.

Conducted a comprehensive treatment of malaria, early detection, and preventive measures to treatment, monitoring and establishing proper drainage, sanitation and environmental management to prevent the possibility of the development of mosquito larvae. "There should be no puddles that allows larvae to breed, proper drainage that allows water to flow freely can effectively prevent the larvae breed and thus, can reduce the incidence of malaria." Saiful said.

According to the Manager of Community Health Development PTFI Kerry Yarangga, Malaria Control Center that have been run together is one of the strategic efforts in reducing the number of Malaria in Mimika. It is realized that PTFI employees and surrounding communities are free from malaria will increase the productivity of companies, employees, and society itself. "PTFI through CHD always support the government's efforts in the welfare of society, especially through health programs," said Kerry.

Integrated activities

Through the Malaria Control Center, formed a malaria control team comprising representatives of the three institutions, namely from the Department of Health, LPMAK and CHD. The integrated activities undertaken by distributing long-lasting insecticide-treated nets; to control the spread of vector mosquitoes through spraying and sanitation drainage, active detection and treatment through blood tests from door to door, and health education.

Based on data obtained from CHD, Target IRS (Indoor Residual Spraying) for the area TMCP (Timika Malaria Center Program) 2015 -> 94.6%. Achievement of homes that have been carried out anti-malaria spraying is as follows; in 2013 as many as 12.121 houses (for 10 months at the beginning of the program, in 2014 as many as 23.481 houses, in 2015 as many as 25.215 houses.

The mosquito net installation program for homes, as many as 62.763 mosquito nets have been distributed and installed. (Bed nets help of NGO Global Fund). Counseling to individuals for the prevention of malaria by 2015 has been carried out as many as 23.030 people

The significant achievements of this program is the total malaria cases during 2013 till 2015 on all data entered and analyzed malaria is of RSMM, hospitals, clinics CHD, PKM Timika PHC is the achievement of a decrease in malaria cases up to 66.3%.

Malaria among employees, data from Tembagapura hospital, Waa-Banti hospital, and ISOS Clinic, dropped as much as 60.6% of cases.

Entering 2016, the challenge Malaria Control Center will be more complicated because it coincides entering the rainy season, many places which are potential breeding places of mosquitoes, so it requires a high awareness of each individual people living in Timika. A total of 18,000 mosquito nets will be re-distributed and installed home-home residents, especially areas that are outside the program, namely the southern coastal regions of Mimika to outer villages.

Sustainability of the Malaria Control Center program is a pilot project for a collaborative national malaria treatment. (Hendrikus)

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