Kuala Kencana Water is Safe to Drink

04 April 2016

PTFI Commemoration of World Water Day


To commemorate World Water Day, PTFI through Environmental Department organized a water awareness campaign and a field trip to Facilities Management’s Water Treatment Plant (WTP) located in Kuala Kencana. The activity was attended by representatives from each department, division, and contractor in the PTFI operating area. The activity themed "Water by People-Water for People", and the sub-theme of "Water & Jobs" kicked off with a promotional presentation on the use of water and the quality of water consumed by employees in Kuala Kencana and the LIP (Light Industrial Park) area.

During this activity, a representative from PHMC Water Quality Control, Gema Fatahila delivered a presentation on water conditions in Kuala Kencana and LIP. According to Gema, the quality of water produced from the Kuala Kencana Water Treatment Plant renders it highly safe and hygienic for consumption. Meanwhile Frans Meokbun on behalf of Facilities Management’s Water Treatment Plant Department spoke on how Water Treatment Plant (WTP) sites meet the needs of employees.  He said water in the Kuala Kencana WTP site is sourced from groundwater extracted through four bore wells. Meanwhile the Timika Indah WTP extracts ground water through two bore wells, and the Base Camp WTP extracts groundwater through three bore wells.

The WTP at MP 38/39 sources groundwater through three bore wells, at LIP the WTP extracts groundwater through three bore wells, and at Portsite the WTP sources water from the lake at MP28. Water supply in each of these areas has been tested and is proven to be safe for consumption, as the water undergoes various stages of sterilization.

PTFI Environmental Manager Gesang Setyadi in his speech during the promotional activity said most activities carried out by humans across the globe is somehow associated with water. Gesang disclosed, PTFI employs a sophisticated technology, specifically at the Kuala Kencana and LIP WTPs, to render the water supply safe for direct consumption. "PHMC routinely undertakes control and checks to make the water supply in Kuala Kencana safe to drink,” he said. Gesang Setyadi went on to appeal, “We urge all employees to use this water that is processed at high cost judiciously and not to waste it.”

The activity organizers’ expectation is for employees and the community to be informed about the benefits and use of water processed at the WTPs, thus spurring them to change their behavior and make the transition to consume water supplied in the company area, thereby reducing consumption of bottled water. Source: Radar Timika Daily, March 24, 2016 edition - Peringatan Hari Air Sedunia PTFI – Air di Kuala Kencana Layak Minum

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