Committed to Supporting Government for a TB-Free Indonesia

28 May 2018   |   CSR News

PT Freeport Indonesia is actively taking part in a partnership forum at the national level on TB (Tuberculosis), Forum STOP TB Partnership Indonesia (FSTPI). Headed by Arifin Panigoro, a prominent businessman and philanthropist, the forum set up in 2013 serves as a vehicle for uniting and coordinating participants, specifically from the private sector, in assisting the government to achieve the established national TB target.

In the course of running its business,  PTFI consistently endeavors to maintain workers’ productivity and to ensure they are TB-free, at the same time supporting the national TB control program. Indonesia currently faces a challenge as it has the second largest tuberculosis (TB) burden in the world, according to a 2017 WHO report. There are 300 deaths resulting from TB every day in Indonesia. TB can be cured, but promotion and prevention are needed as well as detection of suspected cases as early as possible to prevent infection from spreading. This corroborated by the fact that only 20% of the population, or one out of five Indonesians are aware of the risks from the TB disease, and how to prevent and treat it. 

On 15 May 2018 in Griya Jenggala, Kebayoran Baru, in Jakarta, a meeting was held to evaluate the series of TB campaigns initiated by FSTPI dan USAID (United States Agency for International Development) ine 2017. Another related activity had been launched on 25 March 2018 to commemorate World TB Day (falling on 24 March) in Jakarta, Surabaya and  Medan. This activity managed to draw the attention of many circles, spurring them to unite to end TB in Indonesia through key opinion leaders such as famous actors and actresses, painters, and singers.  This mass campaign is aimed at expanding the reach of the campaign through the millennial generation to raise awareness of TB using the hash tag #PeduliKitaPeduliTBC. This campaign employing digital media highly popular among millennials could build up impacts from the outreach of the TB campaign.

Representing PTFI, Community Health Development Manager Govert Waramori shared PTFI’s experience in undertaking its TB control program. High TB prevalence in Mimika Regency has pushed the company to engage in TB control. PTFI regularly promotes prevention and control of TB, among others through individual and group counseling. Positive indicators have followed in PTFI’s commitment to continually strive to raise awareness among the community on the prevention and treatment of TB, as evident in the increasing awareness to be more properly informed about TB. 

By means of this collaborative forum, over the past year PTFI has actively participated in campaigning for public attention, in particular among the younger generations, through digital media, internal and external communication channels, and specifically social media networks.  The #PeduliKitaPeduliTBC campaign is also featured in desktop computers across the entire company system. PTFI has specifically engaged national footballer Boaz Salossa who is the Persipura team’s star and captain, to deliver the TB campaign messages more widely. PTFI was specifically mentioned by FSTPI and USAID for its commitment to campaign against TB in its operating area and among the community.


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