Ridge Camp Employees Flocking to Newly-Opened Cinema, Karaoke Rooms at Superblock

13 July 2018   |   Others News

The more than 13,000 employees at Ridge Camp already have been enjoying the Super Block’s cafeteria, fitness center, and recreational hall with pool, ping pong and foosball tables, but things really kicked up a notch this summer.

Now, they can enjoy the newly opened 100-seat cinema with the latest in sights and sounds, two karaoke rooms, a library, coffee shop and banking services.

Response to the new amenities at the Plaza Agawaa Ogom have been favorable to say the least.

“The cinema and karaoke rooms have only been open a short period, but we can already say they’re running with very good attendance. In fact, they’ve been fully booked,” said Janjai Adii, Manager- Village/Rural Maintenance.

The cinema and karaoke rooms have been so well received that MIS and building management are now developing a booking system for them so they can be optimized to best serve employees, Adii said.

Adapting to the desires of employees is key to getting the best out of the $66 million Super Block. Whether it’s reducing the number of ping pong tables to add more pool tables in the rec hall, moving the furniture in the karaoke rooms, or tweaking menu items at the coffee shop and show times at the cinema, the company is committed to optimizing all available space in the Super Block for the valued employees for which it was built.

“The company spent a lot of time and money building Super Block. We need to use this whole building effectively to take full advantage of it and hold as many events as we can for the employees,” Adii said. “We’ve set it up so we can respond to what the employees like and maybe don’t like. The key is engaging with the community and adapting.”

The Super Block is the culmination of the commitment to build new living accommodations and give back the recreational facilities that were gradually removed as Ridge Camp expanded over the years, said Joe Fragnito, Manager-Strategic Planning and Essential Services.

“Even before the big expansion here, we had a build up of personnel to accommodate, and we had to look at every available space,” Fragnito said. “In some cases, we were forced to take recreational facilities away from the residents, and we got to the point where there was almost nothing in the way of recreation and entertainment facilities for them.”

Super Block has changed all that in a big way, said Bill Rising, Vice President-Strategic Business Services and Transportation.

“It’s just an awesome place. Though it’s been a long time in the works, it was a commitment to our employees to improve their quality of life, and we have delivered on that commitment,” Rising said.

Just as the company has delivered on providing resort-level dining, recreation and entertainment amenities, employees will be expected to hold up their end of the deal by respecting and maintaining Super Block, Adii said.

“A big reason we want to make sure we’re staying on top of maintenance of the building is to show employees that we’re going to take very good care of everything in here, and we expect them to do the same,” Adii said.

Still to open at the Super Block are offices for Telkomsel and Security Risk Management. (Stauffer)

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