Spirit to Move On with the Strength in Values

14 April 2018   |   Others News

The entire Freeporters community in Tembagapura mingle in the celebration of the 51st anniversary of PT Freeport Indonesia on Saturday, April 7. Tembagapura soccer field normally used for the community’s recreational activities seemed livelier that day. Family, peers, colleagues, all mingling in the Freeport Appreciation Day.

Rows of booth from the community provide a variety of tasty specialties -  one of the most commonly anticipated by the community, especially those who are single-status in Jobsite, to taste foods that weren’t commonly found in mess hall. Coto Makassar, Ketoprak, Nasi Uduk, Yellow-tail Fish Soup with Papeda, pastries and various other snacks. Children were busy playing in the inflatable playground specially provided by the committee in one corner of the field. Those who are dare play with the various reptile animals on display that day. Those who are even braver trying a number of outdoor activities (wall climbing and flying fox) provided by the outdoor activity lovers community of Tembagapura. 

A game of dexterity and speed called Amazing Race was held by the committee. A game that demands solidarity and solid coordination involves teams from each division to compete solving problems and challenges prepared by the committee in each post.

One very special thing that day was the official launch of PTFI values. PTFI Management officially introduces five main pillars that support company’s sustainability and success as an organization. These five values include Safety, Integrity, Commitment, Respect and Excellence. In English terminology, these five values form a SINCERE acronym – reflecting the values laden with philosophical meanings.

PTFI 51st anniversary commemoration also held in Jakarta Office. On Monday, April 9, Freeporters in Jakarta mingle in the joy of birthday celebration preceded by a communal prayer.

May gratitude and joy to enter the 51st age, coupled with the official launch of the five pillars of company’s values will further solidify our steps toward sustainable operations that bring success and prosperity to all of us. (Sularso)

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