The Best Water Treatment Plant in PTFI's Underground Mine

14 July 2017   |   OPERATIONAL News

If we were to be asked what health recommendation most often comes to mind, we would likely answer “drink eight glasses of water every day”. This makes sense as water is essential in order to maintain bodily functions. A lack of water intake will lead to inability of our bodies to function properly and could cause numerous health problems. 

PT Freeport Indonesia understands the high importance of this element in the lives of the workforce at Jobsite. In the operating area in particular, the Company usually meets the demand for drinking water for employees in the workplace with bottled water brought in from outside Jobsite.  Previously this was deemed to be the most effective and efficient method of supplying drinking water in the operating area, as the groundwater available was still unfit for drinking.

As part of putting infrastructure in position for future mining, on Wednesday July 13th PTFI by way of underground mining management launched a water treatment plant in the DMLZ Mine, to be exact at the Deep Mill Level Zone – Lower Fixed Facility (DMLZ-LFF). This new plant is now the primary source of drinking water at the DMLZ Mine, and the mine personnel’s drinking water consumption will now shift from bottled water to supply from the new plant.

This new facility utilizes state-of-the-art technology to produce high-quality potable water. The plant’s superiority lies in its water treatment process that uses reverse osmosis to purify water and eliminate all hazardous and chemical substances contained in groundwater. This superiority in the water treatment process produces potable water that is highly safe for direct consumption.

Compared with other water treatment plants distributed across Jobsite, the DMLZ water treatment plant is the best in terms of technology employed and quality of potable water produced. 

The new water treatment plant is expected to reduce and even eliminate consumption of bottled water that has been the prevalent practice to date. In addition to being eco-friendly, consumption of water produced from the water treatment plant is far healthier and more economical. To this end, DMLZ Mine management is handing out refillable drinking bottles to all personnel at the DMLZ Mine.  

It is hoped all DMLZ Mine personnel will enjoy the potable water produced by the plant, and will in concert endeavor to maintain this facility towards its sustained supply of quality and healthy potable water. (Sularso)

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