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We continue working to bring benefits to the nation, communities, and the environment where we operate. Fulfilling hopes through dedicated service to Indonesia.


Freeport and Citizens are Committed to Eradicate Malaria in Mimika

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Observer Refers to Freeport Smelter as Long term Economically Beneficial Project

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Support the Teaching and Learning Process at the Mimika Regency Education Center, PTFI Hands Over Computer Equipment Assistance

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We apply the principles of Diversity and Inclusion as well as our Company Values ​​of Safety, Integrity, Commitment, Respect, and Excellence in every recruitment process, to be in line with our Principles of Business Conduct (PBC) and other company policies.

Monitoring activities and actual data collection at Freeport Indonesia's underground mines are now using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology on drones.Monitoring and inspection by drone reduces workers' exposure to risks in underground mines. In addition, the final result of scanning and inspection data is considered to be better than the previous conventional method so that it can improve all parts of the mining process.

Preserving cultural preservation by recognizing local wisdom and pouring it into works of art as an effort to disseminate the heritage of the ancestors. Find out more in this art dialogue chat.