We are dedicated to creating a working environment that is safe and professionally satisfying to our employees. Our manpower policies, programs and practices are designed to help employees develop themselves and their profession.

Reasons for choosing PTFI :

  1. Because PTFI offers competitive salaries and attractive benefits.
  2. Because PTFI provides excellent and free facilities in Papua, such as housing, places of worship, sports facilities, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and transportation (bus, chopper, airplane).
  3. Because PTFI covers healthcare for employees, their spouses and children.
  4. Because PTFI provides educational assistance for the children of employees.
  5. Because PTFI offers continuing education scholarships in the country and abroad for employees and children of employees/former employees.
  6. Because PTFI cares for the well-being of employees.
  7. Because PTFI offers development opportunities to employees.
  8. Because PTFI cares about communities in its operations area and provides them with development in various areas.
  9. Because PTFI puts safety first and provides a sense of security.