PTFI Values

Forging Cooperation, Ensuring Sustainable Development

As a good corporate citizen, we continually strive to make positive contributions to the community in the location of our operations, and certainly to the people and nation of Indonesia in general. We work towards sustainable development through ensuring a healthy environment in...


PTFI In The Community

Empowering Communities Sustaining Mutual

As one of the world’s leading producers of copper and gold, PTFI recognizes the importance of providing these essential metals to today’s economies.

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PTFI In The Environment

Understanding Environment, Preserving Life

Based on its characteristics, the mining activities will provide impacts on the environment. However, we believe that many things can be done to reduce those impacts and to ensure that those impacts do not last for a long time.


Human Rights

Our activities are carried out in line with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights

In 2018, our employees numbered around 30,000 people of whom 25% are native Papuans. We provide the opportunity for employees to grow according to each and everyone’s capabilities in order to allow them to occupy certain levels.