Health Programs

In achieving this sustainable development objective, PTFI and LPMAK actively endeavor to improve community health by helping to create clean and healthy environments. PTFI and LPMAK also encourage residents to practice a clean and healthy lifestyle. The extremely limited presence of healthcare facilities and services have moved PTFI and LPMAK to build the hospital Rumah Sakit Mitra Masyarakat (RSMM) in the lowlands, and the hospital Rumah Sakit Waa Banti (RSWB) in the highlands, towards increasing and easing community access to healthcare services.

PTFI and LPMAK are also continuing collaboration with its partners to develop and implement community health programs focused on hygiene and sanitation; control of infectious diseases and sexually transmitted diseases such as TB and HIV/AIDS; dan TB; masalah Kesehatan Ibu dan Anak; dan upaya-upaya untuk mengurangi penyakit menular seperti Malaria. Selain itu, LPMAK juga membantu beberapa kampung dalam hal mendapatkan akses ke air bersih.