Hospitals & Clinics

The Mitra Masyarakat Hospital (RSMM)
The Mitra Masyarakat Hospital (RSMM) and Waa Banti Hospital (RSWB) are hospitals established through the PTFI Partnership Fund. RSMM is operated by the Caritas Timika Foundation (YCT), while RSWB is run by International SOS.

RSMM is a type C hospital which provides complete health services which encompasses promotive, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative aspects. RSMM provides four specialistic services (surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics, and pediatrics) and regular visits from an ophthalmologist. RSMM is equipped with sophisticated medical equipment to support its services.

RSMM, which was officially opened in August 1999, provides general health service and accepts referrals, for the population in the Mimika Regency, particularly those living in the lowland areas. However, the hospital also provides significant contribution to health service by accepting referrals - for the communities living in the highland area and the regencies around Mimika.

Waa-Banti Hospital
RSMM is the first hospital in Papua to receive accreditation from the Ministry of Health in 2008. In 2011, RSMM again received accreditation for its five services in Administration and Management, Health Service, Emergency Response, Nursing, and Medical Records.

This is a type D hospital which began its operation in 2001. RSWB serves the communities in the highland areas. The hospital is managed by International SOS, a professional international company engaged in the health sector. Besides providing curative and rehabilitative health services to the public, RSWB also carries out activities in promotive and preventive aspects that are integrated with the LPMAK community health programs.

PTFI and LPMAK are sponsoring several clinics in the Mimika Regency in order to provide the communities with more access to health service facilities. These clinics are spread out in several areas such as: SP IX, SP XII, Nayaro, and Pomako. These clinics are operationally managed by CPHMC (as one of the sections of the SLD/CR department).