Community Health Programs

A health program is implemented to improve the quality of communities’ health through various disease prevention and curative programs. Within this framework, PTFI through the CPHMC Department, makes several efforts to raise the people’s awareness to practice a clean and healthy life style. LPMAK has also established an organizational structure at the Health Bureau to support the community health program.

CCPHMC and LPMAK continue to carry out promotional activities and provide health education for the community members in the form of health discussions, group sessions, and through special events such as World AIDS Day and World TB Day.
The community health program implemented by CPHMC and LPMAK is focused on: Mother-Child Health, Malaria Control, HIV/AIDS Control, TB Control, and Clean Water and Sanitation.

In each community health program, the following components are present: 1. Providing a media for health promotion; 2. Training and empowerment of the community; 3. Survey and supervision programs; 4. Village-based programs.