CV. Hanau Numus JTB Prioritizes Employees Safety & Health

CV. Hanau Numus JTB is one of many businesses supported by PT Freeport Indonesia's Social & Local Development Department. This local Papuan contractor that assigned for forest reforestation and remediation in Kuala Kencana always prioritizes the safety of its employees’ in carrying out their responsibilities.

Mussa Hannauw owner of CV Hanay Numus JTB

In 2011 Hannauw’s began consultation process with the SLD Department, with the hope to join and receive support as a participant of the Micro, Small & Medium Local Business Program (UMKM) program. In June 2011, CV Hanau Numus was given a chance through the PTFI Environmental Department- Reclamation Group, as one of the contractors working on the forest remediation program in Kuala Kencana.

With the Forest Remediation work in Kuala Kencana, CV Hanau Numus JTB employs 9 employees and 7 of them are Papuan natives. On the first contract period (June-December 2011) CV Hanau Numus JTB planted 15 662 trees on a 39 hectare area for Kuala Kencana's Remediation Program.

The employees working on a project in Kuala Kencana area

By persistence and willingness to learn and run this business well, in 2012 CV Hanau Numus JTB was entrusted to continue the Kuala Kencana Remediation Program. The key success to CV Hanau Numus’ business is prioritizing safety and health of its employees. “Every morning before working, we begin with a prayer and then a safety meeting, safety equipment inspection and making sure every employee is using all personal protective equipment them, such as work helmets, safety shoes, and vest. We follow the PTFI safety procedures, and to this day, thank God we have never had any accidents” he added.

Mussa ensuring that his employees are working safely.

“We are targeting to plant 20.000 trees, currently we have planted approximately 15.662 trees. We are planting the rest now.” He goes on to explain that trainings, mentoring and assistance provided through the PTFI SLD and Environmental Departments, are very helpful. “Training and mentoring done by the SLD and the Environmental Department are great, they always have field practices that help us to learn they always provide direction, mentoring, and corrections on our mistakes so that it will not be repeated", Mussa explained. (hp).

Mussa Hannauw with his employees and their mentor from the SLD Department.