Teanus Nebegal, An Independent Entrepreneur

Teanus Nebegal a local entrepreneur from Ilaga is the founder of CV Kwakibera TImika. He began his business without any help or funds from anyone and has been trained by Social & Local Development Department of PT Freeport Indonesia.

CV Kwakibera was formed with his own fund then in 2006 he join the Micro, Small & Medium Local Business Training Program (PP-UMKM). The first project that they took is to clean the grass along the electric transmission lane and to paint all the electric poles along the PTFI road from Portsite to MP50.

"Local entrepreneurs can improve of the quality of life of Papuan community" said Teanus.

With his perseverance and spirit Teanus learned to run his business well. In February 2012, CV. Kwakibera able to increase its operational vehicle by purchasing another pickup car. As the result Teanus is able to build a house, offices and business assets. he also is able to employ 12 people to help him with the business.

CV Kwakibera handles the grass cleaning for electrical transmission along the PTFI Road.

During his training with PP-UMKM, Teanus had the opportunity to join the feasibility study, advocacy with service users or the bank, business mentoring and business management training. In 2007 he also was able to join the entrepreneurial camp activities in Bali for one week which was organized by PP-UMKM. From this training Teanus feel more confident to run his business, he admit.

Teanus supervising his employees cleaning the transmission lane.

"What PTFI has done with local entrepreneur through SLD is very good; we get training, assistants, fund to begin our business, this program should be continue until all entrepreneurs can be independent. This will give birth to more local entrepreneurs and will result in the improvement of the quality of life of Papuan community" said Teanus (hp)

Teanus employ 12 people to help him with the business.