Freeport Indonesia supports an active outreach program to assist employees and the local population to become more eco-conscious.  The program employs the Double Levee Model Reclamation Area, the natural ecosystems around it, and other eco-related activities such as the environmental laboratory and waste treatment facilities. The program focuses on students and teachers, but also engages other local stakeholders such as employees, government officials, local NGOs, the media, and members of government security units. Environmentally related activities such as celebration of Water Day, Earth Day, World Environment Day, Ozone Day and Love Flora & Fauna Day are conducted routinely on an annual basis by PTFI to engage employees and their families and communities near the company’s area. 

For the past several years, we have supported implementation of Environmental Education Programs in schools near the Freeport Indonesia area with assistance, advocacy and field observations. Assistance provided takes the form of raising students’ awareness of eco-related matters and field trips to education areas in the company’s area. Advocacy is provided in collaboration with the Mimika government (in this case the Environmental Office and Basic Education Office) for the ADIWIYATA eco school program to observe schools that implement Environmental Education that focuses on the middle school level. In 2018, 4,124 students were involved in environmental education activities.  

Environmental Education Program is done early in the schools near the work area of Freeport