Throughout 2018, PTFI dedicated 19,806 training hours on social policies, labor, and human rights to more than 9.000 employees, and informed 2.313 participants from the Indonesia National Army/ Indonesian Police, security officers, local contractors, and school students on human rights. In the same year, PTFI also certificated social, labor, and human rights compliance with 100% of the respondents reporting compliance (current rate of human rights compliance certification).

In 2007, PTFI launched a website on human rights policies and training courses that is accessible by employees anywhere and at any time, and, as of 2007, PTFI has also started a human rights training of trainers (ToT) program that targets every PTFI department.

More than just figures of registered participants, this institution serves as a media for the transformation of competence to the professional world for the local population. The district of Mimika continues to cope with widespread geographic areas where education remains poor in both scope and quality. This institution has made it a point to design programs that strive to improve basic competence first before proceeding to training courses designed to prepare people for the professional world. This institution eases young Papuans into the professional world of business.