The latest corporate policies on human rights have been approved by the Board of Commissioners of Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. on 3 February 2009. They set out company standards relating to human rights and accountability of each operating site. The policies mandate:

  • The enactment of local guidelines and procedures that are consistent with corporate policy, the laws and regulations of the corresponding country, the principles of volunteerism, and the principles of ICMM sustainable development;
  • The implementation of effective management programs and structures to ensuring compliance, progress, education, training, reporting, and addressing of human rights and ongoing evaluation of these programs;
  • The making of statements of every personnel on a regularly basis in connection with compliance to the policies; and
  • The implementation of these policies or similar guidelines and procedures by contractors and suppliers of the company.

PTFI manages a human rights principles education, training, and compliance program, which has been well developed. We assigned a senior Papuan as the Human Rights Compliance Officer. He’s responsible for the full implementation of our human rights policies and for educating our employees and contractors on social responsibility and human rights. The Human Rights Compliance Officer reports to an executive vice president of PTFI.

The development and implementation of our human rights policies are overseen by an internationally renowned expert, namely Justice Gabrielle Kirk McDonald. She was a prominent public prosecutor for civil rights and serves presently as Special Counselor for Human Rights on our Board of Commissioners. She reports on a regular basis to the Board on developments in the field of human rights.

In 2000, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. took on a leadership role in the development and compliance of the principles of volunteerism concerning security and human rights mutually declared by the U.S. State Department and British Foreign Office. Every year, participants to the program, which include other mining and oil and gas companies and also human rights organizations, convene to review the implementation of the principles and to identify better ways to protect employees and company investments, while ensuring a maximum degree of human rights compliance.