The Manyar Smelter, currently being developed in the Java Integrated Industrial Estate (JIIPE) in Gresik, East Java on a plot of land spanning 100 hectares, is PTFI’s second copper concentrate refining and processing facility, that is built as part of PTFI’s commitment to comply with the IUPK terms.

The Manyar Smelter is designed to have a copper concentrate processing capacity of 2 million tons per year, making this smelter the largest copper processing site in the world. The processing output of the Manyan Smelter will be added to the processing capacity of the existing smelter facility, PT Smelting, which has a processing capacity of 1 million tons of copper concentrate per year. Thus, after the Manyar Smelter starts operating, PTFI will be able to process 3 million tons of copper concentrate per year. 

In the first quarter of 2020, the process of developing the Manyar Smelter has entered the ground improvement phaser.

Manyar Smelter Info