Freeport Provides Access to Isolated Communities

02 August 2022

The development of infrastructure has made a significant impact on the access and quality of life of communities. This situation has greatly affected isolated areas such as the Papua highlands with its many geographical challenges. Under these conditions extra efforts are needed to overcome these challenges as opposed to other developments being pursued in other areas such as development of field transportation infrastructure which is extremely difficult requiring extremely high costs. The construction of pioneering airports is one of the options to open access to Aoranop Village, Mimika Regency, and Papua.

Aoronop’s village chief, Deteminus Beanal, expressed great appreciation for the construction of the pioneer airfields by PT Freeport Indonesia which are now actively operating since 2017. “This has greatly helped the community which before had no option for access to basic needs such as health, food et all, and which has changed now with the presence of an airfield,” Deteminus said.

Now an airplane of the Pilatus Porter type is seen parked at the pioneer airfield in Aoranop, Tembagapura District, Mimika, Papua, since 2017. Usually, the village people of the area always needed to walk through mountains, cliffs and rivers for two days to reach the closest village and onwards to Kota Timika.

Several community infrastructure projects have been built by PTFI as a contribution to the development of the Mmika Regency in Papua. This public infrastructure, a contribution from the company, is aimed to improve quality of life of the population living in the company’s surroundings. The projects are usually built in the highlands and lowlands in the surrounds of the company’s operational site to encourage economic activities, provide health and educational services to the people.

Children are now able to cross bridges in Desa Banti 1, Tembagapura, Mmika Regency, Papua. "Since the initiation of the “The Tiga Desa Program”, in the highlands in 2000, PT FI has been investing more than US$ 100 million to the cause.

PTFI Community Affairs Director & EVP, Claus Wamatma, explained that the construction of a pioneer airfield in Aroanop village is an integral part of the Tiga Desa Program which has been implemented in 2000. Earlier PTFI has also built an airfield in Kampong Tsinga, Tembagapura District,

Since the implementation of this project PTFI has been providing funds, equipment, building material, transportation facilities and labour to build a network infrastructure that serves more than 300 homes, 2 schools, 10 teachers’ homes. 3 clinics, 3 traditional market places, 13 churches, 21 bridges and two pioneer airports,” Claus said.

PTFI has also built a dam to collect clean water for distribution to residents’ homes in the Opitogong area, Waa Banti Village, Tembagapura District, Mimika Regency. The investment in public infrastructure has benefited approximately 7,500 members of the Amungme community who are living in isolation in the highlands in Mimika Regency, Papua.

In the year 2021, PTFI had invested approximately US$ 2.5 Million into the Tiga Desa Program. The company continues to coordinate with local governmental and community leaders in an effort to provide added value to surrounding communities and stakeholders through economic, educational, health and socio-cultural contributions that are aligned and to support the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Program.

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