Mimika Coastal Villages Get IDR 300 Million Disbursement

26 June 2022

The Amungme Dan Kamoro Community Empowerment Foundation (YPMAK) has allocated a budget of IDR 300 million per village in the coastal area of Mimika, Papua for development and community empowerment programs. The budget is sourced from PT Freeport Indonesia's partnership fund with YPMAK. "Each working group team gets a budget from YPMAK of IDR 300 million and in the highlands, it is above 300 million, depending on the location, this is an annual routine program that YPMAK provides to each working group," said YPMAK Deputy Program and Monev Director, Nur Ifha to IDN Times, Tuesday. (21/6/2022). Meanwhile, for villages in mountainous areas, the program budget will be adjusted to the location and distance.


  1. YPMAK Held Technical Guidance for Accountability Report Program

Besides, YPMAK also provides a technical guidance program in making Accountability Reports and village budget phase II. Nur Ihfa said this activity was carried out to improve each working group’s ability that has formed at the village level.

According to her, this activity is very important to improve the management of each working group. Moreover, to improve the communities’ welfare both in the highlands and on the coast. “The working groups that have been formed in each village are given guidance to make Accountability Report and prepare the budget,” said Nur Ihfa Karupukaro.


  1. Working Groups are Expected to Improve the Community’s Welfare

The working groups that have been formed at the village level will later be maximized to explore the natural potential for the local community’s welfare including seafood, agriculture, animal husbandry, and handicrafts. "These working groups are engaged in their respective fields, such as after fishing from the sea and then selling it. From the results obtained, it is hoped that it can improve the people's economy," said Ihfa.



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