Motivated to Achieve Zero Fatalities in the New Normal Era

02 March 2021

In line with its corporate value known as SINCERE (Safety - Integrity - Commitment - Respect - Excellence), PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) emphasizes the importance of safety in all operational aspects at PTFI by recalling the “Five Steps to Safety” slogan. The strengthening of this value has become increasingly important during the COVID-19 pandemic, given that some ways of working have been adjusted to follow health protocols.

The Five Steps to Safety are:

  • Be physically fit to work
  • Understand the risks involved in carrying out work
  • Take actions to mitigate harm that may occur
  • Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment to work
  • Use the appropriate tools and equipment to carry out work

While focusing on these five steps, PTFI will celebrate National Occupational Health and Safety (K3) Month on 2021, virtually. Under the national theme "Strengthening Quality Human Resources Inculcated in K3 in All Business Sectors", PTFI has prepared a series of activities designed to remind all employees that safety is a shared responsibility that starts from within. 

PT Freeport Indonesia said, “Sooner or later, the new habits will become the norm for all of us. Therefore, we must quickly get used to working according to the safety and health protocols. Both are equally important and shouldn’t be trivialized. We hope that the reinforcement of these protocols will help PTFI to achieve zero fatalities.”

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