New Spirit PLE-IBCA Papua Chapter

30 May 2016

The Peer Leader Educator Indonesian Business Coalition on AIDS (PLE-IBCA) Papua Chapter Training for employees of PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI), Privatization and Contractors was held on May 25-26, 2016 in the Rimba Papua Hotel office.

At the opening ceremony of this event, the IBCA Executive Director Ramdani Sirait specifies that the entire business community in Indonesia cares and wants to protect their employees from the effects of HIV and AIDS (Business Uniting for HIV and AIDS). The presence of IBCA is to create a work environment, safe from discrimination of anti HIV and AIDS, and to create sustainable HIV and AIDS programs in the workplace.

This training with the theme "Becoming an Appreciative PLE" was facilitated by Evodia Sembiring from IBCA. The PLE training materials included, wild fire, HIV and AIDS facts, HIV and AIDS in the workplace, the HIV and AIDS prevention, testing and treatment. Additionally, an awareness was raised that a peer group as a Means of Information Exchange (SPI) is also a good thing, how to communicate effectively, the use of tools of discussion and the implementation of education on HIV and AIDS using modules produced by the IBCA. Through this training, the participants regained motivation, new ideas and enthusiasm to revitalize the HIV Intelligent work program in their respected company.

Papua Chapter

Papua Chapter was carried out on May 25-26, 2016 consisting of revitalization meetings, training and PLE refresher that was organized by PTFI and IBCA. In attendance were representatives of the management and members of the PLE 'Papua Chapter' from various companies such as PT Redpath Indonesia, PT Kuala Pelabuhan Indonesia (KPI), PT Sucofindo, PT Pangansari Utama (PSU), PT Sandvik (SMC), PT Buma Intinaker Timika, PT Puncakjaya Power and PT Airfast Indonesia.

The PLE Papuan Chapter representatives from these companies is to strengthen the commitment to implement the work program HIV Intelligence.  This program will only be effective once an agreement is developed and together agrees on the importance of the continuity of this program by setting up an HIV and AIDS prevention and control in the Working Committee (P2 HIV & AIDS).

This training was concluded with the signing of the Mutual Agreement between PTFI, IBCA, and the PLE Papuan Chapter. This was done in order to strengthen the commitment to implement P2 HIV and AIDS in the work program. And at the same time, a pin was given by IBCA as a symbol of new vigor to educating co-workers, families and communities about HIV and AIDS to the representatives of each company attending this training. (Hendrikus)

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