New Sports Facility at Ridge Camp as Company Appreciation for Employees

17 May 2017

(Right) Soft opening of the five-floors sports facility. A Barbeque lunch was a small way to show appreciation for the good performance that continues to be demonstrated by employees. (Left) The fifth floor of Superblock to join the series of sports facilities opening there.In this soft opening ceremony,the event committe held a friendly futsal match from each division/department.


Thousands of workers at Ridge Camp received a first taste of a major investment in enhancing quality of life. PT Freeport Indonesia has spent more than US$58 million (approximately Rp775 billion) to build a giant sports and recreation facility. With construction nearing completion on the 22,500 m2 floor Ridge Camp Superblock Complex, the company held a celebration for thousands of Freeporters living there. The May 13 event was a soft opening of the five-floor sports facility.  A Barbeque lunch was a small way to show appreciation for the good performance that continues to be demonstrated by employees who continue to work toward Safe Production amid ongoing challenges.

The Superblock Building, which continues to be finalized in stages by a team from Central Services, will ultimately house an array of recreational facilities, opened during the event for football and badminton, which are among the most requested by the community.

The series of soft opening activities opened with a lunch event along with a special BBQ menu prepared for thousands of employees at Mess Hall Kenanga at Ridge Camp. Lunchtime was enhanced by music performances. A number of management representatives were on hand to enjoy the event, to mingle with the Ridge Camp residents, and even to try their hand at sport. 

Approached during the luncheon, EVP of Operation Brian Clark said, "We held this event as a form of appreciation as well as to thank the employees who continue to work well and safely. We appreciate their positive attitude and effort. It's not about us, but about employees and for employees. We thank you and appreciate your loyalty to the Company."

One of the employees enjoying the festivities, Eunike Maniani said, "This event is very impressive because we rarely get together like this. This appreciation encourages us to improve our performance as an employee, to work better and serve this beloved company."

After enjoying lunch together, employees were directed to the fifth floor of Superblock to join the series of sports facilities opening there. In this soft opening ceremony, the event committee held a friendly futsal match that brought together teams from each division / department. Of the 12 teams that competed, the PSU-Accommodation team came out as the winner, followed by Red Path team as runner-up, and Mine Maintenance team in third place.

Residents of Ridge Camp are certainly very enthusiastic with the opening of this new facility. As revealed by Ahmad A, "With this facility, we are increasingly motivated to improve performance. We are very excited because now if we want to do some exercise, we do not need to go all the way to 68 (Tembagapura). Everything is provided here. Returning from work, we can go straight here. The facilities are excellent – in a great quality and international standards. Just awesome!"

Meanwhile, the person in charge of the Super Block project, VP Central Services Zulkifli Lambali, stated, "I think this is something extraordinary, presented by PT Freeport Indonesia to all employees. The goal is to support them with this facility so we all can work more productively and certainly, with safety. We are committed to gradually complete this Super Block Building floor by floor. If there are no significant obstacles, the entire Super Block is planned for completion by the end of 2017." (Miko Sularso)

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