RI President Joko Widodo Optimistic Freeport Smelter Will Underpin Indonesia’s Competitiveness

20 June 2023


Gresik – On Tuesday (20/6) Republic of  Indonesia President Joko Widodo visited the smelter development project of PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) inside the Java Integrated Industrial and Port Estate (JIIPE) special economic zone in Gresik, East Java. During the visit,  President Jokowi  expressed appreciation for PTFI’s achieving 72.5 percent completion out of the 74.27 percent target by the end of June as set out in the government’s S-curve timeline.

While touring the PTFI smelter project,  President Joko Widodo said products deriving from the smelter’s production will embody integration under bigger ecosystems for finished products, including the ecosystem for electric vehicles. He said this would serve to propel Indonesia to become a developed nation. 

“Ahead we will acquire competitiveness. Smelters will underpin our becoming a developed nation, evolving from a state of hinging on consumption to a state of hinging on production,” RI President Joko Widodo averred.

PTFI is steadily striving to complete various smelter project parts including concrete work, steel installation, jetty and wharf construction for the port, and construction of a desalination plant. Physical construction is slated for completion in late December 2023, to be followed with the pre-commissioning and commissioning stages over a period of five months, to ensure all facilities function properly without problems  and to begin operating by the end of May 2024.

PTFI President Director Tony Wenas conveyed development progress achieved to date cannot be dissociated from the outstanding support provided by the government, associate companies, and the nation’s best citizens, including the people of Gresik. “This smelter will enable PTFI to support acceleration of downstream industry development, transformation of the national economy, and the electric vehicle ecosystem agenda,”  Tony Wenas stated on the same occasion.

The PTFI smelter development  is valued at  three billion US dollars or equivalent to 45 trillion rupiah and to date has spent 2.2 billion US dollars or equivalent to 33 trillion rupiah. Once full operation commences, the smelter will be able to process copper concentrate under a production capacity of 1.7 million dry metric tons (dmt) and to produce 600,000 tons of copper cathode per year.  

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