Tony Wenas Shows Off Freeport’s Use of Electric Train to Transport Ore

14 February 2023

President Director PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) Tony Wenas showcased Freeport’s efforts to reduce emission. One of the main efforts is the use of an electric train transporting gold and copper ore in place of using heavy-duty trucks.

According to him, heavy-duty trucks transporting mining ore are extremely high in fuel usage. Not to mention, when calculating their emissions. According to him, with this breakthrough, Freeport is able to reduce emissions by up to 80 thousand tons of CO2. “We no longer use trucks with 4-meter tires with extremely high diesel consumption. We are replacing them with an electric train, which can transport 110 thousand tons of ore per day,” thus said Tony Wenas in the ‘B-Universe Economic Outlook 2023’ event, Tuesday (2/14).

For comparison, they have to use 75 units/trucks, whereas by using an electric train it only requires 1 electric locomotive with 10 carriages. “Were that a truck instead, it might require 75 trucks with a capacity of 300 tons operating 24 hours per day. Therefore, one can compare the emission, it’s a significant reduction in emissions. Being underground, a 24-hour electric train operates in total with 10 carriages,” explained Tony Wenas.

Not just replacing the use of trucks, but the company will also be reducing coal and diesel power plants. “We will be adding 168 megawatts with clean energy biofuels and gas; we will also replace our PLTU (steam powered) plants with PLTG (gas-powered) plants, using LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas),” thus explained Tony Wenas.

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