Oreflow and OHS (Overburden Handling System) are all about the removal of material. 

The oreflow system consists of crushers, conveyors, and ore passes to transport ore from the mine to the mill. The OHS consists of crushers, conveyors, and stackers to place overburden from the Grasberg open-pit mine in stockpiles in Lower Wanagon.

Oreflow and OHS (Overburden Handling System)

Ore Flow

  Ore Mill

Ore Crushers
One unit 63" x 114" Krupp Gyratory Crusher (#6)
One unit 60" x 113" Krupp Gyratory Crusher (#7)

Four pieces with a diameter of 6 to 7 meters, 660 meters high.

DOZ Underground Mining

  DOZ Underground Mine

Ore Crushers
One unit 54 "x 77" Fuller Crusher (the second unit was held during the 50K Expansion Project).

Overburden Handling System

  Overburden Handling System

150 meter semi-mobile Krupp Stacker.

One unit 63 "x 114" Krupp Gyratory Crusher (# 8) One unit 60 "x 89" Fuller Gyratory Crusher (formerly used as Crusher # 5).
* Depending on the availability of various types of materials, the OHS system is projected to operate at 135,000 tons / day.