Since 1996 PTFI has been committed to developing and empowering local communities through the PTFI Partnership Fund. The Partnership Fund is managed by PTFI and most of it is channeled through an institution called the Amungme and Kamoro Community Empowerment Foundation (YPMAK). This foundation has transformed from previously being PWT2 (Pengembangan Wilayah Timika Terpadu-Development of the Integrated Timika Region), then becoming LPMI (Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat Irian Jaya-Irian Jaya Community Development Institute), turning into LPMAK Amungme and Kamoro Community Development Institute), and since March 2020 officially managed by YPMAK. YPMAK is managed by the foundation's organization, namely the Trustees, Supervisors and Management consisting of representatives of the Amungme and Kamoro traditional institutions, the Mimika Regency Government, a professional person preferably from Amungme and Kamoro, and PT Freeport Indonesia. YPMAK publishes its community empowerment program through its website (, Mimika Public Radio (102 FM – locally in Mimika Regency) and annual reports.