The infrastructure development built by Freeport Indonesia does not only focus on adding physical facilities, but also on how these facilities can be a real support and process to improve the standard of living of the people in the operational area. We continue to do sustainable development as a form of contribution to the region and Papua's human resources, in collaboration with the Amungme and Kamoro Community Empowerment Foundation (YPMAK) and other partners through various development programs and quality services.

We use tailings together with the government to continue to multiply the added value for Mimika Regency and other areas in Papua. Infrastructure development with tailings has also been carried out to build a number of facilities in Papua, namely the main building of the Mimika Regency government office, the Mozes Kilangin Airport terminal building, the Pomako bridge, mining roads in the company area, to several roads in Merauke, Sorong and Trans Papua.

PT Freeport Indonesia's Emergency Preparedness and Response (EP&R) team is always ready to handle emergency situations in the company's area and is ready to help with national disasters throughout Indonesia.Emergency preparedness and response is part of our operational safety program. The EP&R team also regularly practices and participates in various competitions to increase their skills in the field.Happy 2022 Disaster Preparedness Day.

The Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir, appreciated the role and great contribution of PT Freeport Indonesia to the Indonesian economy, especially Papua. Companies that support sustainability and play an important role in all aspects of people's lives.We are committed to continue to innovate in the management of underground mining operations with the country's best sons and daughters, and to continue to act as a catalyst for Indonesia's economic growth to realize Indonesia's golden ideals.

The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, virtually conveyed a happy birthday to the big family of PT Freeport Indonesia and expressed his appreciation to all employees who have dedicated their ability to process and manage Indonesia's mineral resources so that they can provide the greatest benefit for the prosperity of the people.In line with the government, PT Freeport Indonesia is committed to taking part in the nation's transformation, accelerating downstreaming and preserving the environment in a sustainable manner so as to provide higher added value for improving the welfare of the Indonesian people.

Presenting a special celebration, Freeport Indonesia's 55th Anniversary which was enlivened by a series of interesting and entertaining events.Indonesian Musicians Appearance:Sandhy Sondoro - Sonya Bara - Iyan Yosua - Novia Bachdim - Socha BandMCs:Andrea Lee - Sasha Lauder - Micha JusufLive Streaming from Tembagapura - Kuala Kencana - Jakarta7 April 2022, 14.00 WIB / 16.00 WIT - finished

Efforts to reduce the use of bottled drinking water and plastic waste are carried out through the #SaPuAir movement, as a form of commitment to protecting the environment. One of them is by providing a drinking station to meet the needs of drinking water suitable for consumption in the company area. Until now, we have consistently implemented this movement and succeeded in reducing plastic waste.Let's together appreciate and care for the water we have and use it wisely for the sake of our future together.Happy World Water Day, Freeporters!

Tembagapura was built in 1970-1972 and inaugurated on March 3, 1973. This city always leaves an unforgettable impression for anyone who has visited. Although always shrouded in fog and cold air, warmth and intimacy can be felt with each other.Dirgahayu Tembagapura, may you always be in the protection of God Almighty.

Check out 5 steps to keep safe before doing work!Strengthening these values ​​is a priority in a work system that continues to adapt for mutual safety and zero fatality.

Papua has millions of talents for young people, one of them is Fernando Yarinap. This young basketball player from Papua, managed to receive a scholarship from the Amungme & Kamoro Community Empowerment Foundation @ypmakid for a pilot school in the Philippines.We continue to be committed to developing Papuan human resources so that they can share benefits for Papua, the nation and the state.

An interactive training innovation through the use of virtual reality (VR) technology can provide participants with a better understanding of the material. One that we apply to underground mine explosives training. Participants felt they were in a real situation in an underground mine, starting from preparing the work area, assembling, loading explosives into the blast hole and initiating blasting to post-detonation.

Young Papuan basketball players show action at the Mimika Indonesia Basketball Festival Series I, which will open the Road to FIBA ​​Asia Cup 2022 series.The Mimika Series took place at the Mimika Sport Complex built by Freeport Indonesia.