Folk Festival On World Environment Day 2015

19 June 2015   |   Others News

The Environment Day exhibition is an annual event organized by PTFI’s Environment Department to celebrate World Environment Day, which falls on June 5.  After previous years in which the event was held in the Contract of Work area (Tembagapura/Kuala Kencana), this year, Environment Department held the event in the city of Timika, at the Gedung Eme Neme Yauware building.

Timika residents’ enthusiasm was evident at the exhibition site. Young and old, big and little people flocked to the venue and mingled in an ambiance of merriment. The organizing committee’s goal to amass a bigger crowd by moving the activity site to midtown Timika was on the mark.  

This year’s Environment Day theme is ”Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.” This theme cautions the earth’s human population, which now comes to more than 7 billion, that increasing awareness of environmental conservation is an absolute must. The local sub-theme is ”State your ideas in real actions today to ensure the future of the people of Mimika”. The event was enliven by guest stars performances: Sean Idol from Jakarta and Dorkas, a pop star originally from Papua.

”It is PTFI’s hope that this event will bring about among the people in the city of Timika, a better understanding of PTFI operations and of PTFI positive efforts to manage the environment,” Jobsite Environmental Manager Gesang Setyadi said when interviewed about the exhibition.

”Additionally,” Gesang continued, “through previous activities we expect people to have gained awareness of the importance of taking good care of the environment around us, and indeed take real steps towards environmental conservation, to create environmentally friendly Mimika Regency.” 

Operating in an environmentally-friendly manner is one of PTFI’s foremost values. Indirectly, the people of Timika form part of the Company’s operations, and thus PTFI endeavors to embrace the Timika population towards creating a sustainable environment in concert, for our common future. 

If not us, who will? If not on earth, where else? Happy World Environment Day 2015! (Miko Sularso)

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