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11 April 2014   |   Others News

In commemorating the 2014 National Safety Month, PTFI 2014 Safety Month Committee held number of events to celebrate the National Safety Month. On that period, the committee held weekly sympathetic campaigns with a variety of themes related to safety issues in highland areas.

The sympathetic campaigns were conducted on weekly basis and they were resembled that PTFI always prioritized the importance of maintaining occupational health and safety. The National Safety Month Committee, particularly in this event, is the pioneer to ensure that all individual within PTFI organization are complies with safety values. By participating in the event, they were expected to achieve the best accomplishment on Safety Health and Environmental issues.

The first week, the campaign starts with "Use of Seat Belt Campaign" which was held at the MP72 area, Ridge Camp, at the new bus shelter construction. In the second week then followed by conducting the "speed limit driving campaign" at 2 areas - MP67 - MP72, CIP and Security Posts. Brake failure prevention campaign was the theme in the third week, and the last theme was check list implementation which conducted at the Kawiki PM Shop & Fuel Station.

Hari Subagio as Chairman of the Committee explained that these campaigns aim as a form of socialization of safety driving awareness and to remind all employees who drive to always prioritizing safety. One of the reasons to conduct these campaigns was there was still lack of safety understanding among the employees.

He also added that the designated campaign spots were identified as the places which have potential for employees to violate the PTFI traffic rules.

During the campaigns, the committee was directly participating on the field to monitor the campaign and stopping the LV upcoming to give socialization. The committee recorded employee’s ID and vehicle’s registration number, as well as distributing pamphlets containing information related to the themes.

Yullia Waturandang, one of the committee in said that we must have a good time planning in driving so it won’t be rush. Many driver or operator often do not anticipate the time and mileage which led them to do unsafe actions such as driving at high speed and neglecting the safety rules, which finally resulted on serious accident or fatality.

The campaigns were expected to raise awareness among employees and eventually will decrease the risk and number of accidents happened in the jobsite. (Kiki Amalya)

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