220 Participants Participated in the Freeport BK3N Marching Competition

12 February 2023

Commemorating the National Occupational Safety and Health Month (BK3N), PT Freeport Indonesia held various activities. One of them is a marching competition held in the lowland area of PT. Freeport Indonesia, Kuala Kencana, Sunday (12/2/2023).

As many as 220 participants from 20 divisions and privatizations and contractors in the PTFI area took part in the competition. The competition began with the opening ceremony followed by each group showing their yells in front of the jury.

The hiking route starts from the starting line in front of the Kuala Kencana Multipurpose towards the Kuala Kencana roundabout, turn left towards RW A, then return towards RW B (YPJ complex), return to the Kuala Kencana roundabout and head to the start line to finish.

Representing Freeport management, Rai Leimena when opening the walking competition said that it was the last day of commemoration of the National K3 month in the lowland area. Then, there will be a summit in the Highland area on March 11-12.

According to him, walking competition is a positive activity. For this reason, he hopes that a healthy lifestyle by exercising will also continue to be implemented by employees in their respective workplaces.

"Our commitment is to be healthy ourselves. Make sure we are in good health so we can also contribute to the company," he said.

To note, in this competition, there were several criteria assessed by the four judges, including cohesiveness, which evaluates enthusiasm, uniforms, completeness of personnel and movement.

Other assessments are the yells which are related to the environment, health, BK3N 2023 and PTFI. Furthermore, the participant's accessories are seen in terms of harmony, beauty and safety. The announcement of the winner will be held at 16.00 WIT.

The BK3N commemoration activity in the Kuala Kencana lowland was coupled with several other activities such as the BK3N Kuala Kencana Fun Run, Safety Expo, Knowledge sharing incident competition which took place on Saturday (11/2/2023).

This Sunday, apart from walking, there will also be a K3 quiz contest, a safety expo on day 2, and an entertainment stage attended by the 'Papua Original' group this afternoon.



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