Christmas Flight Continuous Services

14 December 2015


It has been the PT Freeport Indonesia's commitment that every December the company provide Christmas Flight services for employees and their dependents as a form of corporate attention to improving the quality of life of employees.

This year, precisely on Wednesday (9/12) Christmas Flight service was re-opened. This program will run until mid-January 2016. The opening ceremony was held in the terminal services pioneer flight departure service Moses Kilangin - Timika.

According to the chairman of the Committee for Christmas Flight 2015, Yusak Pakage there are as many as 6,098 passengers, consisting of PTFI employees, privatization and contractors who are eligible for this program. According to Yusak, the Christmas Flight this year experienced a considerable improvement from last year. The destinations of Christmas Flight 2015 are Manokwari, Sorong, Nabire, Wamena, Merauke, Enarotali, Waghete, Ilaga, Zugapa / Bilogai, Kaimana and Fak-Fak, Wasior, Sinak, Moanemani, Serui, Beoga, Pogapa, Tolikara / Karubaga, Hitadipa, Mapenduma / Paro, Kuyawage, Tiom, Duma, Hoya, Alama, Jila, Tsinga, Arwanop, and Ugimba.

The airlines that will serve the Christmas Flight Program this year are Johnlin, MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) and Airfast. Flights to Sorong, Manokwari and Merauke served with booked seats system. For the flight to Wamena, Nabire, Serui, Fak-Fak, Kaimana and some other districts and villages will be served by Trigana Air. Johnlin aircraft also will serve several counties, districts and villages in rural areas. MAF aircraft, would serve several counties, districts and villages in the central mountainous region, whereas Airfast Helicopter, will serve employees and dependents who will be on holiday to Duma, Hoya, Alama, Jila, Tsinga, Arwanop and Ugimba.


Christmas Boat Services

For employees and their families who will celebrate Christmas in the coastal area, PT Freeport Indonesia also provide Christmas Boat Services to Kokonao, Amar, Uta, Potowai Buru, Ipaya, Keakwa, Omawita, Otakwa, Timika Beach , Atuka and Agimuga.

For Christmas Boat, employees who have filed Travel Request and obtained approval from their supervisor, is entitled to get fuel, and the amount determined in accordance with the distance of the trip to their hometown. This program also officially started on Wednesday (9/12).

At the opening of these programs Iwan Kaldjat, VP, General Constructions & Special Project Engineering PTFI management representatives explained that "Christmas flight program is not a new program, but an ongoing annual program and has been in effective several years ago. And for this year (December 2015_Red) we thank God and thank the company for Christmas Flight service program that has now reopened. This shows the company's commitment to providing services for employees, especially employees of Papua who will celebrate Christmas at home. "Iwan Kaldjat also told all the employees who will celebrate Christmas at home i to maintain safety so they will be able to return to work safely next year.

Melkias Gobai one of the passenger  admitted that he is very happy to be able to go home for Christmas because his families has been waiting.  "This year I can go home again, I am happy I can celebrate Christmas with parents and families, this is my third time, Thank you to the company, I hope next year we will have this program again,” said Melkias.

Augustine, said that with his family they feel very helped by this Christmas Flight program. Together with his wife and children they will celebrate Christmas at their hometown. "Christmas flight is nice because we who lives in faraway villages cannot take flights from Timika , so the company must continue so that we in the villagers can go home for Christmas”.  (Hendrikus)

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