Common Understanding Secures Operation Continuity

09 December 2015


On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe conducted a working visit to PT Freeport Indonesia operational area. PTFI President Director, Maroef Sjamsoeddin accompanied the Governor inspecting underground mine and mill plant MP 74. A working group meeting highlighting various issues related to partnership between PTFI as investor and Papua Province Government as regulator was held in Tembagapura on the same day.

On his statement during a press conference in Tembagapura, Papua Governor expressed his appreciation on communication improvement efforts made between PTFI and the Papua Province Government. The ultimate issue that needs to be highlighted according to Governor is assurance on PTFI business continuation permit to guarantee prosperity and interests of the Papua people.

“Regardless on the fuss of the issues, we need to look on the actual facts,” said Lukas Enembe when gave a statement during a press conference after the meeting with PTFI Management.


“46% of Papua economy,” Enembe continues, “is triggered from the mining sector. Mimika Regency economy is another story, as the host of the Company operation, 91% of the economy is from Freeport. There are also 7,700 Papuan workforce working in the Company. If the contract continuation is dismissed, how can we deal with those numbers?” Lukas Enembe explained.

President Director Maroef Sjamsoeddin delivered a discussion progress on business continuation permit which include 6 main issues, among others: contract area which currently accounted 212.950 hectare; state income that have been increased to 4% for copper, 3.75% for gold and 3.25% for silver; Company shares divestment; national goods and services utilization; additional smelter construction; and the permit extension post 2021.

In the occasion, President Director expressed his appreciation on Papua Governor presence among the employees. “The employees looked enthusiastic when met Mr. Governor in person,” said Maroef.


The Governor also met the Papuan employees representatives during his inspection to the operation areas. From this point of view, the Governor might gain the social side of the Company’s existence as well as its leverage towards Papuan society development through manpower hood.

This internal point of view is expected to shape common understanding between the Regional Government and the PTFI Management to gain assurance of PTFI operation post 2021.

Let us welcome the common understanding built between PTFI and The Papua Province Governmnet. Together echoed Indonesia from Papua. (Miko Sularso)

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