ERG Team Assists Cessna Crash Evacuation

21 April 2017, PAPUA – Appreciation has been voiced for PT Freeport Indonesia’s Emergency Response Group (ERG) team over the assistance it provided in evacuating the victims of the recent Cessna air crash in the Bintang mountains in Papua.

On 15 April, the remains of Police Commissioner Rio Pasaribu, the pilot of the fateful Cessna Grand Caravan PK-FSO that crashed in Bukit Anem, Bintang Mountains Regency was evacuated by a joint TNI and Police SAR team from the crash site to Oksibil aboard a PT Freeport Indonesia Airfast helicopter. 

Jayapura SAR Chief Suyatno says the role played by PT Freeport’s Emergency Response Group PT Freeport is not to be underrated. 

"Their response is very swift. The moment we, Basarnas (National Search and Rescue Agency) deliver an assistance request letter, they immediately come up with what we need. In this last incident, we were provided with a helicopter and its crew. I was able to immediately contact the pilot. As soon as the crash site was located, I got in touch with PT Freeport’s Emergency Response Group,” he said. 

He added, PT Freeport’s Emergency Response Group PT Freeport has actively assisted the agency in handling disasters. And as such they merit much appreciation. 

"We at Basarnas are deeply grateful,” he commended. 

Meanwhile Freeport Airfast Rescue Coordinator Machmud said his team is at all times prepared to assist Basarnas.

"We are always ready and will continue to offer assistance. Over the past two years we have provided evacuation assistance by helicopter in Papua about three times," he said.


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