Go Wild for Life

24 June 2016

2016 PTFI World Environment Day


The World Environment Day is observed every year on June 5. This is to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and our planet Earth.

The World Environment Day is an important instrument by the United Nations (UN) to raise environmental awareness and encourage worldwide concern and political action for the protection of our environment. This day is perceived as an occasion for all to join in voicing out for the protection of planet Earth, for the natural resources sustainability, and for environmentally-friendly lifestyles.

In response to this cause, PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) through its Environmental Department has committed to protecting the environment through environmental programs. One of which is PTFI organized an event in commemoration to the 2016 World Environment Day, involving all PTFI departments as well as residents of Timika. The two-day event held on Saturday and Sunday (6/4-5) was centered at the Kuala Kencana Multipurpose Hall, and carried the theme ‘Go wild for life’, and the sub theme ‘Join the Race to Make the World a Better Place’.


This event engaged the local Mimika Regency government and Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), who expects to raise awareness among all communities within and outside of PTFI, to protect and conserve their environment and wildlife. The sequence of events over the two-day period included 5K and 10K races, a Zumba dance fitness session, an environmentally-themed exhibition, a drawing and coloring contest for schoolchildren, environmentally-themed games, and a talk show with Miss Indonesia’s Environmental Ambassador from West Java, Evan Lysandra..

The opening of the environmental exhibition was marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the entrance of the exhibition area by Silas Natkime the Vice President Senior Advisor for Papuan Development, and Sonny Prasetyo the Executive Vice President for Sustainable Development, witnessed by Gesang Setyadi PTFI Environmental Manager, Amrullah the VP of Security Risk Management (SRM), Ricky Komul the General Superintendent of Social Local Development, and Soleman Faluk the PAD Manager. Also representing the Mimika Regency government is Ausilius You, S.Pd, MM the Mimika Regency Secretary, Yeni Usmani as the Head of Education and Culture Office and delegates from the Environmental Agency (BLH).


Tumpal Sinaga as the Chairman Committee conveys that the purpose of implementing these events were in order to invite the community, specifically PTFI employees who is located in Kuala Kencana to care more about the environment.

Various competitions have been held, the environment exhibition contest was won by Grasberg Operations, while second place went to International SOS PHMC, and the third place was USAID Lestari. The World Environment Day events are expected to improve the knowledge of our environment. Besides these events will also deliver environmental management efforts that have been made by PTFI during this time. (Hendrikus)

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